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Student Supplement and Housing Handbook

The Student Supplement and Housing Handbook may be downloaded here:

2019-20 Student Supplement Handbook 



Vehicle Registration Form

All students, faculty, and staff are required to display a parking decal in their vehicles. This decal must reside on your vehicle as long as it is parked on MABTS property. Once you complete your vehicle registration form you can pick up your decal in the Campus Life office. 


New Student Frequently Asked Questions


What does my Student ID card do?

Your student ID card will provide access to different areas around campus, allow you to "check-in" to chapel, and provide identification for you while you are on campus. Your Student ID number is printed on your card and will be important to have to register, report Witness One:Seven activity (practical missions), log into your student email, and many other things.


How do I register for classes?

You may register for classes via Sonis Web. This is also the same venue by which you will be able to check grades and abseneces, update your student information, and use the student directory. To log in to Sonis Web you will use your Student ID and PIN number given to you at registration.


How do I check my student e-mail?

Your student e-mail is created for you at the time of your registration. This will be the primary mode of communication between the Faculty and Staff at Mid-America and students. To login to your e-mail, click here. You will use your Student ID and PIN number (provided to you at the time of registration) to login. If you have forgotten your e-mail address login information, contact Campus Life. You can acess your student e-mail on your iPhone or iPad by following these directions


How do I log my Witness One:Seven activity (practical missions)?

Logging your Witness One:Seven activity (practical missions) is required for all students. To log your practical missions assignments, click here. You will need your Student ID as a username and your Student PIN number as a password, both of which are provided to you at the time of registration.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes! To apply, visit the Financial Aid page. Scholarships are awarded based upon availability and need.


Does Mid-America accept Student Loans?

We are unable to accept student loans due to our non-profit status. For more information, please contact the Business Office. We are able to defer student loans that have been incurred from another institution. For more information on this service, contact the Registrar's office.


How do I pay for school?

When you register online, you can make payment in full at the time of registration, or you may set up monthly payments through NelNet. For more information and directions on how to set up payments, you may visit Mid-America's NelNet page.


What do I need to do about housing?

Mid-America offers housing within walking distance of the seminary. Details about these apartments are listed on the Student Housing page. You may apply for housing here. We also keep a list of alternative housing as we are made aware of the opportunities in the Campus Life office. 


I am searching for a job. Where can I look?

Mid-America offers a resume service for those looking for a ministerial job. Also, secualr job postings may be found in our weekly student email, The Advisor.


I have student loans from another institution. Can they be deferred?

Most student loans are able to be deferred while a student is still in school. Check with your loan company to see if they provide this. If you need a letter from Mid-America stating that you are an enrolled student, you may contact the Registrar's office.


What kinds of things are available on campus for my family?

There are various family events throughout the year for the whole family.  We have a gym and worokout rooms for men and women on campus that is open to all students and their families. All female students and wives' of male students are encouraged to join us in the Women's Institute Monday night class offered each semester. Click here to join the mailing list to be notified about these classes. The Library also offers the A.C.R.O.S.S. program for seminary families. Visit our For the Family page to see these events as they come up or learn more about the Student Fellowships that are offered. 


For more information, please contact Campus Life by e-mailing or calling 901.751.3079.


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Sonis Web
New or prospective student?  Sign-up here for access to application information, grades, and account billing status.


Career Center

Alumni may register here to have their resume loaded into our career center.  Allow us to connect you with churches looking for qualified personnel.


Witness One:Seven Report
New Students may sign-up for access to the Witness One:Seven site here.



Sonis Web
Students, Faculty, staff may access their SONIS web account here.  Please enter your SONIS ID and password/pin number for access.


Career Center
here to access your resume and make changes.


Witness One:Seven Report
Students may update their Witness One:Seven information here.


Student Email
Sign-in here to access your student email account. Your Office 365 account name is [Student_ID] (e.g. Your password is your MABTS assigned PIN.


PhD Form
Click here to access the PhD form.