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  • “To All the World” Begins Across the Street

    Practical missions infuse the very DNA of Mid-America, marking a passion ignited by our founder, Dr. B. Gray Allison, whose soul-winning exploits challenged generations. Fifty years later, Mid-America President Dr. Michael Spradlin and the faculty still carry the torch for personal evangelism. It’s one of the hallmarks of Mid-America that sets us apart.

    Practical Missions
  • Person-to-Person Evangelism by Dr. B. Gray Allison (1966)

    In recognition of our founder, Dr. B. Gray Allison, we publish this special blog article, “Person-to-Person Evangelism,” an excerpt from Personal Evangelism, a book comprised of material from Dr. Gray’s Personal Evangelism course which he taught for almost 47 years. This timeless article was originally published in 1966.

    Dr. B. Gray Allison on mission
  • Preaching Library Categories

    Dr. David L. Allen describes the categories of books that should constitute a well stocked biblical preaching library.

  • Eyes of Faith, Life of Service

    Although the Lord would open the eyes of faith in Anthony Bonetti later in life, God did not give him physical sight at birth. Anthony’s sight impairment has not stopped him from living a life of service to the Lord.

    Anthony Bonetti
  • Putting the ‘Service’ in Church Service

    Mid-America recently established a Pulpit Supply Program, and today, that effort has gained momentum on campus and throughout local churches across the Mid-South. Whether a church finds itself without a preacher due to a pastoral vacancy, an illness, or otherwise, Mid-America can now come alongside such churches with an organized effort to match available preachers with open pulpits.

    Pulpit Supply Program—Klayton Carson
  • Equipping Prison Missionaries

    The Mid-America Prison Initiative began with its first program at the Varner Supermax Unit in Gould, Arkansas, offering a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies to inmates. On May 12, 2023, the first 18 graduates walked across the stage at Varner and accepted their diplomas.

    2023 graduating class-Varner Prison