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  • Mid-America for Life—Alumni

    When you graduate from Mid-America, you join a global family that magnifies your ministry for life.

  • A Forever Family of Friends

    When a friend and mentor recommended Mid-America as affordable, biblically sound, and having an undergrad program, I enrolled for one semester until I could make other arrangements. I came to class out of desperation to stay in school, but I stayed at Mid-America because of the community.

  • The Foundation of the Mid-America Family

    Barry and Sherri Griffith have been faithful members of the Mid-America family for 23 years. Mid-America’s commitments to the Gospel and to the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Scriptures are what knit their hearts to Mid-America.

  • Lighting the Way

    Mid-America’s world-class faculty and staff lead our family, are connected with students and supporters, and are committed to the Gospel.