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  • Cross-Cultural Discipleship

    Bible-based discipleship transcends all cultures and connects all peoples. Scriptural truths never change, but we must make certain we communicate the Bible’s message in ways our audience can accurately understand and apply to their lives.

    Cross-Cultural Discipleship
  • Biblical Counseling: Centering on Christ in the Chaos

    Mid-America’s Biblical Counseling faculty, graduates, and students are leading churches to minister God’s Word to those impacted by crisis. They also lead the field of Biblical Counseling in staying true to its heritage and responding to contemporary crises with God’s love and His Word.

    Biblical Counseling
  • Is Your Church a Friendly Church?

    How well does your church do in welcoming guests? Discover four practical ways your church can be more intentional in making church visitors feel welcome.

    Friendly church
  • Mid-America Alum Is Featured Preacher at Evangelism Conference—VIDEO

    The Evangelism + Church Health Conference, presented by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, featured Mid-America alumnus Dr. Ed Newton (MARE, 2000) in the keynote message on Monday evening, January 23, 2023.

    Ed Newton
  • Our Great Commission Map and Compass

    The “Six Core Tasks of Church Planting” provide a basic map to guide a missionary along the continuum from entering a new community, sharing the Gospel, discipling new and maturing believers, forming healthy churches, developing local leaders, and exiting to new communities while maintaining a healthy connection with that maturing church. This “map” lays out the big picture of the missionary task and helps one chart the course in the right direction.

    Map and Compass
  • Twelve Most Popular Pages on Our Website for 2022

    When Mid-America launched our newly branded website last year, we aimed to create a site that would serve as a hub for engagement with all things Mid-America. It’s been an enormous success, and we thought you might enjoy a tour of our most popular pages during 2022.