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  • A Great Pursuit to Fulfill the Great Commission

    Special guest blog by Dr. Paul Chitwood, President, International Mission Board, SBC. From the Great Commission to the Great Multitude, we as Southern Baptists have united for nearly 180 years in a Great Pursuit of those who have yet to hear the Good News of the Gospel. Mid-America alumni have long walked the paths to global mission fields in obedience to our Lord and in partnership with the International Mission Board.

    Great Pursuit, Great Commission
  • Equipping Church Leaders in Mozambique for a Lasting Impact

    Today, and particularly in Mozambique and Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa, there is the need for equipping leaders in an urgent and rapidly changing world. Passing the baton in a meaningful way calls for adequate preparation. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary invested in our lives to make such a difference and impact leaders in our context of ministry.

  • Mid-America Professors Discuss Biblical Counseling—PODCAST

    Mid-America Dean of the Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching Dr. David L. Allen joined fellow professor and Chairman of the Mid-America Biblical Counseling Department Dr. John Babler for two podcast episodes. The episodes center around burnout and how to avoid it as well as the general topic of biblical counseling.

    Preaching Coach Podcast
  • Interceding for the Nations

    In this special guest blog, Dr. Gordon Fort, Senior Ambassador to the President, International Mission Board, SBC, reminds us that focused intercession that undergirds the advance of the Gospel among the nations is the most neglected weapon in the Great Commission arsenal.

    Interceding for the Nations
  • Pondering Preaching

    A Tweet I read the other day got me to thinking about preaching. On X (formerly Twitter) a preacher posted that as a young preacher, he was advised to study one hour for each minute he preached. In the thread that followed, most disagreed with that advice, as do I. A disclaimer here—I am not […]

  • Relational Discipleship

    As believers, we should look at seasons of crisis as times of great opportunity. People in crisis are open to spiritual things. Rather than share advice based on common sense or our experience, we should minister God’s Word, helping people find answers to their struggles within Scripture.

    Relational Discipleship