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“I got a phone call from a telemarketer. He was trying to sell me something. I shyly asked him about salvation. I explained that he needed to be saved.”

– Kacie Newsome

“In September 2020 on a Saturday, I had decided to catch up with a long-time friend from a few years back in college; His name is Brian. Brian has been laid on my heart for a while to witness to. I wanted him to know about Jesus and what He has done for us.”

-Cody Williamson

“My friend Satwikaa, a Hindu in India, likes to ask me spiritual questions like ‘What are demons?, How powerful are angels and demons?, Who is Satan?’, and others.  I have been answering her questions in accordance with the Bible for months”

– Cathy Danam

Bryan Murray2

“It was the Monday after Kobe Bryant died. At work, my colleagues and I shared memories and thoughts throughout the workday, and by the end of the day, I was emotionally exhausted.”

-Bryan Murray

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  • Centered on Biblical Preaching

    Mid-America recently revitalized the “Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching,” which was bolstered by three momentous events: 1) Dr. David L. Allen joining the faculty as Mid-America’s Distinguished Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of the Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching; 2) The announcement of a new 30,000-volume Preaching Library at Mid-America; and 3) The revival of the Adrian Rogers Preaching Conference.

    Adrian Rogers
  • Sermons Preached: The Oft Overlooked Part of Mid-America’s Practical Missions Report

    Mid-America has always held the conviction that students must not delay putting into practice what is being taught in the classroom until after graduation. Through its practical missions programs—Witness One:Seven for the Seminary and the GO! Program for the College—students make the immediate connection between the classroom and contemporary ministry.

    Mid-America student Andre Randolph preaching
  • Investing with Eternal Yield

    Investment wisdom also applies to giving, contributing, or donating. As you consider your donations, think of them as investments. Donating to the training of pastors is certainly a noble and worthy cause. What is the return? Your donation to Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is an investment that will yield a priceless, eternal return!

    Investing with Eternal Yields
  • Championing Biblical Preaching

    Our world faces a shortage today of biblical preachers and solid, expository preaching. This article by Dr. David L. Allen, Mid-America’s Distinguished Professor and Dean, shares three practical ways for how expository sermons can stay text-driven.

    Dr. David L. Allen is Championing Biblical Preaching
  • Mid-America Information Technology Featured in Podcast

    Recognized widely as being on the forefront of educational technologies, Mid-America was prominently featured at this year’s Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM). Listen to the podcast with Al Santos, Mid-America’s Director of Information Technology (IT).

    Al Santos, Director of IT
  • What Is Biblical Counseling?

    In simple terms, biblical counseling is ministering Scripture to those who face struggles in life or who desire wisdom or God’s direction. It is based upon an understanding that God’s Word is sufficient to help people (lost or saved) in their struggles and far superior to any of the world’s wisdom so commonly used to help people.

    Biblical Counseling