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Eyes of Faith, Life of Service

by Nick Brown, Director of Student Life, Dean of Men

Although the Lord would open the eyes of faith in Anthony Bonetti later in life, God did not give him physical sight at birth. Anthony’s sight impairment has not stopped him from living a life of service to the Lord.

Equipping Prison Missionaries

by Mid-America Communications

The Mid-America Prison Initiative began with its first program at the Varner Supermax Unit in Gould, Arkansas, offering a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies to inmates. On May 12, 2023, the first 18 graduates walked across the stage at Varner and accepted their diplomas.

The College at Mid-America Emphasizes A-B-C

by Dr. Brad Thompson, Dean, The College at Mid-America

Dr. Brad Thompson, Dean of The College at Mid-America, says, “Think of our philosophy in terms of A-B-C: affordable, biblically focused, and connected to the world.”