Summer School Registration


We are excited to offer summer classes. Summer registration is open from April 26 – April 30th. Any current student or a new student who is registered for the Fall 2021 semester is eligible to take summer classes. Below is the list of classes being offered. Please note that this list is subject to change. If you would like to apply for summer courses, please complete the Summer School Registration Form.


Hermeneutics/Basic Bib Doctrine (Undergraduate: BH2100; Graduate: BH5100)
Intro to Christian Ed (Undergraduate: CE4484; Graduate: CE7484)
History of Christianity (Undergraduate: CH3001; Graduate: CH6001)
History of the Baptists (Undergraduate: CH3150; Graduate: CH6150)
Intro to Bib Counseling (Undergraduate: CN4103; Graduate: CN7103)
Intro to Research/Writing (Undergraduate: EN4900; Graduate: EN7900)
Personal Evangelism (Undergraduate: EV3200; Graduate: EV6200)
Intro to Missions (Undergraduate: MS3370; Graduate: MS6370)
Trad World Religions (Undergraduate: MS3405; Graduate: MS6405)
New Test Survey I (Undergraduate: NT2601; Graduate: NT5601)
Old Test Survey I (Undergraduate: OT2101; Graduate: OT5101)
Intro to Apologetics (Undergraduate: PH3910; Graduate: PH6910)
Intro to Biology (Undergraduate: SC4981)
Basic Bib Doctrines/Syst Theol I (Undergraduate: TH3701; Graduate: TH6701)
The Doctrine of Christ
(Undergraduate: TH3740; Graduate: TH6740)

NOTE: Students can take no more than two summer classes. Students will be asked to list up to 4 class choices. Note that a class must have a minimum of FOUR registered students to “make.” Students will be notified which classes made on May 5.

Registration deadlines

Registration deadline: April 30th

Payment deadline: May 6

On-line class dates: June 1 – July 31


Since a minimum number of students is required for a class to make, if a student chooses to withdraw, tuition paid will not be refunded, and Nelnet payments will continue.

Tuition costs are below. Student fees are waived in the summer. Scholarships do not apply for summer school.

           One class – $975

           Two classes – $1950

Payment dates through Nelnet are:

May 6: 33.4% down payment

May 20: First payment (33.3%)

June 20: Final payment (33.3%)

Practical Missions

GO! Program participants will have no summer requirements. Witness 1:7 participants will be required to serve eight total hours at their mission sites and complete eight personal witnessing encounters.

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