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1. No pets of any kind will be allowed in the student village.

2. The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, or any controlled substance is not allowed on Mid-America Student Housing (MASH) property at any time.

3. Trailers, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and commercial vehicles are not to be parked on MASH property at any time.

4. Each apartment is fully furnished with the following appliances: stove, refrigerator with icemaker, dishwasher, washer and dryer. It is not necessary for you to bring any of these appliances.

5. The Campus Life Office will contact you when an apartment is available. It is your responsibility to contact the property manger to make arrangements on the lease of the apartment. The Admissions Committee must approve you before the property manager will allow you to sign a lease.

6. In the event of a waiting list, we will call you when an apartment becomes available. If we do not reach you, we will leave a message. It is your responsibility to contact us after we call you. We will wait until 4:30 p.m. CST the next business day before we offer the apartment to someone further down the housing waiting list. If you are not ready to move when you are contacted you will not lose your place on the list. We will call down the list each time an apartment becomes available.

7. There is a $250 deposit. This deposit must be paid prior to an apartment being assigned to you. Please make sure your decision to move is final prior to paying your deposit. Should you decide not to move into housing after paying your deposit, your deposit will be forfeited. Upon moving to housing, your deposit is refundable after vacating the apartment, pending approval from the property manager that your apartment was left in satisfactory condition.

8. Mid-America Student Housing Inc. (MASH) provides insurance on the apartment buildings. Insurance for personal belongings in the apartment is the responsibility of the resident

9. You MUST be enrolled in at least two (2) classes each term during the regular school year (August through May) to qualify for housing. Those not enrolled in two or more classes will be asked to vacate their apartment within thirty (30) days of the beginning of the term.

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