Online Registration Instructions


Online Registration Instructions

Below are instructions for you to register online for your classes. If you have any trouble, please contact the Registrar.

Step 1 – Login

Login in to Sonis using your student ID and PIN.

Step 2 – Verify holds

Select the Academics tab, then select Registration, from the left-hand menu.  You will see a notice alerting you to clear any holds on your account.

Step 3 – Clear default holds

Return to the Academics tab and select Holds. (Each semester, students have two default holds to clear: Biographical Information and a Payment Agreement.)

To clear the biographical information hold, return to the Academics tab and select Holds again. Select Update Your Biographical Information. Update your information, including your cell phone and your cell phone provider. Be sure to check the “text me” flag. Select Confirm Update.

To clear the Payment Agreement hold, return to the Academics tab and select Holds. Select Payment Notice. Review the information and then select Accept. Please note that this is not the page where you pay your tuition.

Step 4 – Select and register for courses

Return to the Academics tab. Select Registration.

Select the first letter of the course ID from the alphabet. All courses beginning with that letter will appear at the bottom of the page. Select your desired course from the courses offered. Please note that residential courses are sections 1 and 2, online courses are section 6. Once a course is selected, it will appear in red above the course listings. Repeat this process until all of your desired courses have been selected, then select Continue Registration Process.

Select Continue Registration Process on the next screen. Tuition and fees will be displayed. If you are satisfied, select Complete Registration. Note that selecting the “back” button will empty your shopping cart.

Step 5 – Scholarships

Scholarships are often applied after a student registers for classes. If you do not have a scholarship or your scholarship has already been applied to your account, please continue to Step 6. If you were awarded a scholarship and it does not appear in Sonis, STOP here and notify that you are registered for classes.  Wait 3 business days, then verify through Sonis that your scholarship has been applied to your account. Once you’ve verified the scholarship is applied to your account, proceed to Step 6.

Step 6 – Payment

There are two tuition payment options: payment plan and pay-in-full.

Mid-America has partnered with Nelnet as our tuition payment plan provider. To establish a Nelnet payment plan, please visit the Nelnet website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To pay your tuition in full, simply visit our payment page.

All fields are required for processing your payment.

Once you have successfully completed your payment, you will receive an email confirmation. Note that the payment is not immediately posted to your account. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your payment to be posted.

Any questions or inquiries should be directed to Alicia Dickenson ( or by phone at 901-751-3042).

Step 7 – Prepare for Class

Before class begins, you will need to access the class syllabus. One week prior to the start of your class(es), login to Sonis to view your academic schedule (select the Academics tab, then select Schedule, then select the Course Number). The syllabus for each class can be accessed by clicking the blue “syllabus” link in the middle of the page.

You can order your textbooks through Amazon, Thriftbooks, or other bookseller.

Now you’re ready for the semester!