Tell us about your personal background, testimony, and family.

I am originally from Tampa, Florida, and I come from a great family with loving parents and three brothers and two sisters. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior right before I started high school and am eternally grateful for the people in my local church who discipled me in my faith and for friends who are the “iron sharpens iron” kind who encourage me to keep running my race for the Lord. My life with God has been an adventure. I’ve had the opportunity to serve Him by investing in the lives of young people both in the United States and overseas, on a church staff and as a volunteer in my local church, and through the classroom in Bible colleges and seminaries.

What is your professional background, and how will it benefit Mid-America?

I graduated with my BA in Communication from the University of South Florida and with my MDIV in Women’s Studies and PhD in Systematic Theology from Southwestern Seminary. I love discipleship and view what a professor does in the classroom as a form of discipleship. I’ve had the privilege of teaching women in the United States and overseas such courses as Biblical Theology of Womanhood, Feminist Theology, Spiritual Formation, Hermeneutics, Christian Doctrine, Text-Driven Communication, Women in Church History, and Ministry to Women and Young Women.

While people are my passion, I see the need for good, solid, biblically faithful resources to help in equipping people. I have contributed to several books, including the Women’s Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament and Old Testament. I served as a section editor for The Study Bible for Women and have written chapters on the wives of Adoniram Judson, on the impact of feminism on the home and family, and most recently on gender identity for the forthcoming book from Northeastern Press called Does It Still Matter?

Please describe your role and what you hope to accomplish.

I am thrilled to be serving as the Director of Admissions, Dean of Women, and an Associate Professor of Women’s Studies in Theology. I pray that through those roles I will be able to continue the legacy of calling forward and training people who are passionate and courageous about reaching this world with the Gospel.

What excites you most about Mid-America’s future?

Mid-America’s emphasis on practical missions and evangelism is like nothing I have ever experienced at other educational institutions. Here theory and theology are put into action. Students receive incredible instruction in the classroom and are required to put that into practice week by week. Seeing faculty and students live out what God has commanded His people to do thrills me about Mid-America’s future.