Counseling by The Book

Counseling by the Book

Counseling by The Book

Dr. John Babler is shown here teaching on the campus of
Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

Whether you know it or not, you are a counselor. You counsel people hundreds of times a year. In coffee shops, near water coolers, in the grocery store, at church, or over a meal. The question is not, “Will I counsel” because you most certainly will. A better question is, “What will you counsel with?”

Many people use their experience, something they heard or read, or something they were taught as a way to give good advice and counsel. Counseling by The Book Certificate Training is a new self-directed biblical counseling training program developed by Dr. John Babler, Chairman of Biblical Counseling at Mid-America Seminary and College, to help you learn how to use Scripture to counsel those who ask you for help.

Counseling by The Book Live
NEW for Spring 2023! A special in-person workshop with Dr. Babler—complete training in four weekends! Get more info and register.

If you want to give people advice that is true, will stand the test of time, and draw people to God (which is ultimately what we need), Scripture is the way to go, and Counseling by The Book Certificate Training will help you get there. We provide a certificate upon completion of this self-directed program.

Completion of this Certificate fulfills the requirements for the Fundamentals training requirement for certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). This optional certification provides further instruction and skills development for you as you “Counsel by The Book.” Visit the ACBC website for more information about this certification.

If you’re ready to start the program, go to our Counseling by The Book Certificate Training store where you can register for the program and order your training resources today. Included are 33 video sessions featuring Dr. Babler, plus study note pages. The program is self-paced, so you can begin today and complete the training as it fits your schedule. Start getting equipped today!

Counseling by the book gets great reviews

Virgil W

Virgil Walker

This training is a “must” for all believers regardless of their role in the church.  We should all learn to apply Scripture to every issue.  This is the only training that I find able to do such a thorough job of equipping the saints for such a task. 

Cathy S

Cathy S

I learned how important it is to listen for unbiblical truths and confront that with the truth of Scripture. Through the training, God gave me a love and passion for biblical counseling- something I knew very little about before the training. 

Brian H

Brian H

In reviewing the growth of modern psychology, it became apparent that they are not addressing the cause for many emotional and mental issues and thus never attaining healing. This course will better equip you in your ministry

Annie W


Everyone who is a Christian and has a desire to deeply and practically disciple someone, while learning doctrine and how to correctly exegete the Bible, should take this course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Biblical Counseling is based upon the belief that the Bible is sufficient to help people deal with the challenges of life. At Mid-America, we believe and teach that the Bible is sufficient for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness and is able to equip believers for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16–17). We train students to view the Bible as providing both the mandate and method to counsel others. We focus on helping students know how to minister the Bible as the sole source of their counseling.

Here’s the beauty of it. You get 33 complete sessions of Dr. Babler’s best teaching, and you can do it anytime, anyplace, and on any device. Below is a list of each session.

Session 1: Welcome, Introduction, and Case Study

Session 2: Avoid the World’s Wisdom, Turn to God’s Truth Part 1

Session 3: Avoid the World’s Wisdom, Turn to God’s Truth Part 2

Session 4: Scripture and Counseling, Part 1

Session 5: Scripture and Counseling, Part 2

Session 6: Doctrine of God

Session 7: Doctrine of Man

Session 8: Doctrine of Church

Session 9: Heart of the Problem

Session 10: Process of Biblical Change

Session 11: Instilling Hope

Session 12: Counselor/Counselee Relationship

Session 13: Foundational Biblical Counseling

Session 14: Counsel Ephesians

Session 15: Biblical Confrontation and Discipleship

Session 16: Unbiblical Thinking

Session 17: Medication and DSM-5

Session 18: Life-Dominating Sins

Session 19: Data Gathering and Asking Questions

Session 20: Legal and Ethical Issues

Session 21: Homework

Session 22: Marriage Counseling

Session 23: Grief and Crisis Counseling

Session 24: Anxiety

Session 25: Forgiveness

Session 26: Evangelism

Session 27: Dealing with Anger and Depression

Session 28: Counseling Children and Adolescents

Session 29: Counseling Issues in Blended Families

Session 30: Counseling Those with ADHD

Session 31: Case Studies

Session 32: Suggested Resources

Session 33: Capstone – Psalm 119

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a joint certificate of completion from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and Counseling by The Book. We use the honor-code system and trust that each person who signifies they’ve completed the coursework has done so.

Completion of this Certificate also fulfills the requirements for the Fundamentals training requirement for certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). This optional certification provides further instruction and skills development for you as you “Counsel by The Book.” Visit the ACBC website for more information about this certification.

The cost for the Counseling by The Book Certificate Training is $399. This includes anytime, anyplace, any-device access to the 33 video sessions, notes pages for the sessions, and the Certificate.



What others are saying

“I found the suggestion to begin collecting Scripture for use in counseling very helpful I have begun my list and look forward to continuing to apply the Word in various situations to help believers thrive.”
Holly Ashton
“I found the practical aspects instead of theory most valuable.”
Dale Ledbetter
“This course is a wonderful first step or as a capstone to remind those graduating of what all they have learned—and the case work is great.”
William Rouse
“The training just reinforced my firm belief in the sufficiency of Scripture, that the Word of God is all we need to 'life and godliness' and is 'profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.' Thank you!”
Norm Murdock
“The strong biblical foundation. I considered the biblical counseling certificate program at another seminary. However, I chose this one because I was more confident in Dr. Babler's philosophy of counseling because of his convictions regarding the sufficiency and superiority of Scripture. I cannot speak to the value of the other program, but I was certainly not disappointed in this one. Dr. Babler's foundational method of counseling was just what I needed to hear.”
William Perry
“I enjoyed the focus on Biblical superiority and confidence in the same, also the emphasis on checking ourselves and our motivation to counsel.”
Bryan McCoy
“Truly, connecting with the truth of the sufficiency of Scripture made a significant paradigm shift in how I talk to the refugee families in my ministry. ”
Kori Bailey
“The course was biblical! ”
Ryan James
“A consistent emphasis on the sufficiency of Scripture! ”
Denise Howard

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