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Harold Hubbard

by Harold Hubbard

I want to share how thankful I am for the scholarship I have received. I have been trying for many years to complete my degree. I was only able to take classes when our finances allowed. I was not sure when I would be able to finish. Being free of the financial burden has permitted […]

New Biblical Counseling Certificate Training

by Mid-America Communications

The holidays are around the corner. What is for many a time of celebration, laughter, and thanksgiving is, for others, a time of depression, anxiety, fear, and regret. You are likely to encounter one or more people in the latter category. What will be your response? How will you communicate the hope that is within […]

How Did Our Faculty Get in the Bible?

by Mid-America Communications

Three Mid-America professors, Dr. Van McClain, Dr. Steve Miller, and Dr. John Mark Terry, recently had articles selected and published as study helps for The Holy Land Illustrated Bible, a two-year collaborative effort between Broadman & Holman and Lifeway’s Biblical Illustrator team. With the Biblical Illustrator ceasing publication later this year, the 250 articles contained within The Holy […]

Conservative Baptist Bible Conference

by Mid-America Communications

On September 17, Mid-America will host the Conservative Baptist Bible Conference. Come hear dynamic preaching and join in worship with others at this special event to celebrate 20 years of the Baptist Faith and Message.  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Immediately following the event, leaders of the Conservative Baptist Network will host a question and answer session. Seating […]

Ministering During a Crisis

by Mid-America Communications

There is a fantastic article in the Summer 2020 Messenger that highlights ways to share the Gospel during the COVID-19 pandemic. On social media, Mid-America students shared stories of putting these ideas into action. Recently, the President’s office received a newsletter from the Lasmantos, a family from Indonesia currently in the U.S. taking classes at Mid-America. Their newsletter told of […]

A Book for These Times

by Mid-America Communications

Describing the multi-ethnic church in Antioch seems like the beginning of a bad first-century joke: “A Jew, a Black man, an insurrectionist, and a Gentile enter a bar…” But the church in Antioch was far from a joke. It was a fantastic picture of how the Holy Spirit’s power allowed believers to overcome hostilities and […]

Alumni Spotlight | David Bledsoe

by Mid-America Communications

Celebrating 21 Years as an IMB Missionary The following three words summarize the counsel that David Bledsoe, a MABTS alumnus, received when he left to be a missionary: “Go and Stay.” He now reflects upon that advice 21 years later. David and his wife Laurie have been missionaries to Brazil for over two decades. They […]

Dr. John Babler to Join Faculty at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

by Mid-America Communications

MEMPHIS, TN – Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Mid-America today announced that Dr. John Babler will become Chairman of its Biblical Counseling Department, effective August 1, 2020. Dr. Babler is an internationally recognized authority in the area of Biblical Counseling and currently serves as Professor of Counseling, Director of the Walsh Counseling Center […]

Sufficiency of Scripture

by Mid-America Communications

Mid-America launches the Sufficiency of Scripture Series to help our faculty, students, staff, and friends develop a basic understanding of key debates within the SBC and society.

Alumni Spotlight – Jacob McNally

by Mid-America Communications

Imagine walking into a hotel lobby and seeing someone dressed in a full Iron Man costume. You look over and see people registering near a sign that says, “Con.” There are guys dressed as batman, others like Star Wars characters. “Is this ComicCon?” Your curiosity takes you into a room past the hustle and bustle. […]