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Pondering Preaching

by Dr. John Mark Terry, Emeritus Professor of Missions

A Tweet I read the other day got me to thinking about preaching. On X (formerly Twitter) a preacher posted that as a young preacher, he was advised to study one hour for each minute he preached. In the thread that followed, most disagreed with that advice, as do I. A disclaimer here—I am not […]

Centered on Biblical Preaching

by Larry A. Thompson, Mid-America Alumnus, MDIV, 1995

Mid-America recently revitalized the “Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching,” which was bolstered by three momentous events: 1) Dr. David L. Allen joining the faculty as Mid-America’s Distinguished Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of the Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching; 2) The announcement of a new 30,000-volume Preaching Library at Mid-America; and 3) The revival of the Adrian Rogers Preaching Conference.

Championing Biblical Preaching

by Dr. David L. Allen, Distinguished Professor and Dean of the Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching

Our world faces a shortage today of biblical preachers and solid, expository preaching. This article by Dr. David L. Allen, Mid-America’s Distinguished Professor and Dean, shares three practical ways for how expository sermons can stay text-driven.