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Mid-America Alum Is Featured Preacher at Evangelism Conference—VIDEO

by Mid-America Communications

The Evangelism + Church Health Conference, presented by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, featured Mid-America alumnus Dr. Ed Newton (MARE, 2000) in the keynote message on Monday evening, January 23, 2023.

Our Great Commission Map and Compass

by John Charping, PhD, Chairman of the Missions Department

The “Six Core Tasks of Church Planting” provide a basic map to guide a missionary along the continuum from entering a new community, sharing the Gospel, discipling new and maturing believers, forming healthy churches, developing local leaders, and exiting to new communities while maintaining a healthy connection with that maturing church. This “map” lays out the big picture of the missionary task and helps one chart the course in the right direction.

Twelve Most Popular Pages on Our Website for 2022

by Mid-America Communications

When Mid-America launched our newly branded website last year, we aimed to create a site that would serve as a hub for engagement with all things Mid-America. It’s been an enormous success, and we thought you might enjoy a tour of our most popular pages during 2022.

Three Ways to Rekindle the Wonder and Amazement of Christmas

by Melanie Redd, Mid-America alumna, author, speaker

“The most wonderful time of the year!” For many people, however, Christmas is anything but wonderful. How can we experience joy in this season? Here are three suggestions for how to rekindle the wonder and amazement of Christmas.

Student Publishes Book About Dramatic Transformation in Christ

by Mid-America Communications

To those who knew Emmitt McKenzie when his life was clouded by drugs, alcohol, and turmoil, seeing him enrolled in seminary, active in church, and now the author of an evangelistic book may seem a most unlikely surprise. The dramatic change, though—however improbable by human standards—is a tool God is using now to reach the lost with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Celebrating 50 Years: The Enduring Legacy of Faithfulness

by Dr. David G. Shackelford, Professor Emeritus, New Testament and Greek

As Paul passed along his legacy and mission to his young protégé, Timothy, so Dr. B. Gray Allison and the Seminary trustees have passed the mantle to the next generation. Fifty years later, the legacy of faithfulness endures.

Guest Podcast: Pastor Jared Kress Interviews Mid-America Professor Dr. Matt Akers

by Mid-America Communications

Mid-America is pleased to share an episode of the Kirby Woods Podcast in which Mid-America alumnus Jared Kress, Senior Pastor of Kirby Woods Baptist Church, Memphis, interviews his former professor, Dr. Matt Akers.

Tools for Preaching Through Books of The Bible

by Dr. David L. Allen, Professor and Dean of the Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching

Gleaned from decades of preaching and teaching preaching, Dr. David L. Allen provides a list of resources for preparing sermons when preaching through books of The Bible.

The College at Mid-America Emphasizes A-B-C

by Dr. Brad Thompson, Dean, The College at Mid-America

Dr. Brad Thompson, Dean of The College at Mid-America, says, “Think of our philosophy in terms of A-B-C: affordable, biblically focused, and connected to the world.”

Legacy & Light

by Michael R. Spradlin, PhD, President, Mid-America

Every decade of the history of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary brought change and challenges.