Day: August 4, 2020

Ministering During a Crisis

by Mid-America Communications

There is a fantastic article in the Summer 2020 Messenger that highlights ways to share the Gospel during the COVID-19 pandemic. On social media, Mid-America students shared stories of putting these ideas into action. Recently, the President’s office received a newsletter from the Lasmantos, a family from Indonesia currently in the U.S. taking classes at Mid-America. Their newsletter told of […]

A Book for These Times

by Mid-America Communications

Describing the multi-ethnic church in Antioch seems like the beginning of a bad first-century joke: “A Jew, a Black man, an insurrectionist, and a Gentile enter a bar…” But the church in Antioch was far from a joke. It was a fantastic picture of how the Holy Spirit’s power allowed believers to overcome hostilities and […]