Theological Seminary - Advantages of Attending MABTS

What makes Mid-America distinctive from other theological seminaries?

Selecting a theological seminary can be a complex, if not confusing, decision. There are so many denominational affiliations, Christian cultures, theological leanings, academic requirements, and cost structures. You need straight talk, and that’s why we’ve distilled the message of why Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary stands out into six distinctives:

Theological Seminary Advantage 1 - Practical Missions

You go to seminary school to prepare for ministry. But that doesn’t mean you should have to wait until after seminary to get experience doing ministry. At Mid-America, every student gets hands-on experience doing ministry and missions through our Witness One:Seven program. Witness One:Seven equips you to effectively witness and minister to your community and fulfill the Great Commission.

Theological Seminary Advantage 2 - Academic Excellence

At Mid-America, you don’t have to choose between high quality academics and conservative theology. For starters, we were conservative before conservative was cool. Mid-America began in 1972 as a response to prayers for a conservative, Bible teaching alternative to seminaries that questioned the Bible’s authority and reliability. We have never wavered. Each of our professors not only holds an earned PHD but is fully committed to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture and is actively involved in missions and evangelism and a local church. Our faculty is world-class, our campus is state-of-the-art, and our theology degrees are fully accredited. We even offer seminary online through our Connected Campus.

Theological Seminary Advantage 3 - Donor Supported

Another amazing fact about Mid-America is that we are donor-supported and have been since our beginning in 1972. What that means to you is that we are able to keep tuition low for all students. It also means that we’re able to create an affordable seminary without ever compromising our high standards for theological education. While we are Southern Baptist by theology and adhere to the Baptist Faith & Message, we don’t receive funds from any denomination or governmental authority, so you can rest assured that the Bible is our only guiding light.

Theological Seminary Advantage 4 - Financial Freedom

Mid-America is fiercely committed to the ideal that students should graduate free from the burden of student debt, free to go wherever God calls. Every student is on a 70% scholarship thanks to God’s provisions through our generous donors. We offer you world-class scholarship at down-to-earth costs. By minimizing your cost, you enjoy the financial freedom to minister unencumbered during and after your years at Mid-America. Compare our tuition, and you’ll see that our annual cost is about 60% less than most similar institutions, one of the lowest among Southern Baptist seminaries.

Theological Seminary Advantage 5 - Faculty Involvement

When it comes right down to it, what you’re really paying for at a seminary is the faculty. You want a faculty with the highest academic credentials, where every member fully believes the Bible, actively participates in missions and evangelism, and has experience, leadership, and involvement in the local church. You get all that at Mid-America. But it doesn’t end in the classroom. The MABTS faculty has a reputation for being genuinely involved in student lives. Maintaining an open-door policy, our faculty is available for students to come in, talk, pray, and receive counsel on ministry and life. You get more of what you’re really paying for at Mid-America—outstanding faculty, not standoffish academians, who are actively involved in your life in and out of the classroom, before and after graduation.

Theological Seminary Advantage 6 - Alumni Connection

Once you come to Mid-America, you’re part of a forever family who is there to help you get through the seminary endurance test and stay with you long after graduation. You’ll form a network of friends who will be contacts for you in ministry, resources who can help with anything from a referral for a ministry position to prayer for an important matter in your life. Ministry can be tough, and it's often the encouragement of "family" that makes the difference.


The best way to experience the Mid-America difference is to visit in person. Mid-America hosts special Preview Days at least twice per year, in the fall and spring. Click here to learn more. If you cannot attend a Preview Day, we welcome you to contact us to arrange an individual visit. To do so, please contact Dana Sneed at 901-751-3060 or