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TEAM Mid-America

Introducing TEAM Mid-America

Mid-America is a team. Faculty. Students. Alumni. Supporters. All working together toward one goal: taking the Gospel to all the world for Jesus’ sake.
     That’s why we’re introducing TEAM Mid-America. It’s a network of friends of the seminary, all dedicated to helping Mid-America accomplish our mission.

     We invite you to join the TEAM. And win for Christ.

What is TEAM Mid-America all about?

“There are some amazing donors here at the seminary who give money for us to be able to get the training we need for a cost we can afford. I was just grateful for them and for the seminary that they allowed us this opportunity.”  Barrett Bowden

It’s a special team from the seminary family committed to the following goals:
T—Telling the Mid-America story.
E—Educating prospective students about our programs and benefits.
A—Assisting the seminary in its mission through prayer and financial support.
M—Mentoring the called as partners with us.


What is my role?

  • Be on the lookout for high school students and college students who may be called to ministry and looking for a school. Share MABTS with them.
  • Foster discipleship relationships with called students.
  • Provide seminary materials and info to prospective students and donors.
  • Pass along their names and contact info to the seminary for follow-up.
  • Share MABTS on social media.
  • Represent MABTS at college and seminary fairs in your area.
  • Host a “Called to Ministry” Discipleship Group or Event or lead your church to do so. This group or event is for the purpose of discipleship and fellowship and brings together young people who are called or who might be feeling the call to ministry. Share info about the seminary with your group or at your event.
  • Host gatherings in your home or church to introduce potential supporters or students to Mid-America. These events may be attended by Dr. Spradlin or other seminary representatives.
  • Pray regularly for the seminary or better yet, host a special prayer event in your home or church.
  • In a nutshell, TEAM Mid-America is about praying, sharing, investing—not just for the sake of the seminary, but for the sake of the Gospel and the called. "To all the world for Jesus' sake."

Did you know?

  • According to a recent survey, 91% of Mid-America students heard about MABTS through someone they knew—a pastor, student, alumnus, or other friend of the seminary. In other words, someone like you.
  • Every Mid-America student is essentially on a 70% scholarship thanks to the generous support of our donors.
  • Friends of Mid-America have saved the seminary millions of dollars that might otherwise have been spent on advertising. They have done this simply by sharing the seminary with their network of family and friends. God calls. Our seminary family shares the opportunity and shoulders the responsibility!
  • The prayers of our seminary family have fueled the school for more than 40 years.
  • YOU can be part of TEAM Mid-America!

Membership Benefits

  • Be a member of a special corps of leaders and ambassadors from the seminary.
  • "Insider" e‐newsletters and other communications.
  • TEAM Mid-America Kit containing brochures and other information you can pass along to prospective students and donors.
  • Kit also contains ideas and strategies for sharing the good news about MABTS.
  • Special appreciation gift when joining TEAM Mid‐America.
  • Other special recognition gifts and events.


FREE gift when you join TEAM Mid-America now!


How can I be a part?

Simply enroll in TEAM Mid-America online right now. It takes only about two minutes! Our goal is to have hundreds of TEAM Mid-America members taking the message of MABTS to every church, every community, every state, even every nation! The TEAM won't be complete without YOU! Enroll right now and receive your free gift and Kit. Join the TEAM. And win for Christ!


Enroll in TEAM Mid-America now!


Take a sneak peek at the official
TEAM Mid-America Member Handbook!


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