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4.6 Recruitment Materials


Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies. 


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




The materials and presentations designed to attract an initial interest in Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) are faithful to the purpose of the school presented in the seminary’s mission statement and are approved by the appropriate authority. All prospective students are strongly encouraged to make a campus visit at one of the two preview days or at some other time before enrolling.


For the purposes of this statement of rationale, “recruitment materials and presentations” are defined as (a) materials and presentations that the seminary distributes to the general public in order to attract an initial interest in the institution, and (b) specific information that the seminary distributes to individuals who have already indicated an interest in enrolling (whether residentially or through distance learning) in order to inform them of the special nature of the school and to encourage them to attend. 


Recruiting Materials and Presentations Used by the Office of Admissions


The first and primary resource used by the seminary to disseminate accurate information to potential students is the MABTS website [1]. This Internet source provides information about admission requirements, degree programs, tuition and housing, and library resources and is especially helpful to distance learning students.


The recurring themes in promotional material are a devotion to Scripture, evangelism, and missions. This type of material is faithful to the policies of the seminary and seeks to define the school in terms of them. This material is approved by the Director of Admissions for accuracy.


Various brochures are used to recruit students and are distributed in booths at college fairs, denominational meetings, and conferences [2]. This information helps prospective students to understand the distinctives of the seminary, student housing, degree programs offered, and the biannual seminary Preview Day. These brochures inform prospective students of the policies, practices, and demands of the institution in respect to life.


The 2014-15 MABTS Catalog is the seminary's primary authority for information on academic practices and policies and is the central resource for recruiting. It is readily available to all prospective students, appears with admissions information on the school’s website [3], and is distributed online or in print format as part of an information packet to prospective students.


Finally, matriculants are given a copy of the 2014-15 Student Supplement and Housing Handbook [4] at each orientation session, which contains detailed information about the seminary, the Honor Code, and other requirements of the school.



1. MABTS Website – Admissions

2. Admissions Office Promotional Information

3. MABTS Website – Catalog Information

4. 2014-15 MABTS Student Supplement and Housing Handbook

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