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4.4 Program Length


Program length is appropriate for each of the institution’s educational programs. 


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) offers ten degree programs: three associate degrees, a bachelor degree, four master degrees, and two doctoral degrees, all of which are appropriate in length. Suitable practice is evident regarding program length, the criteria and process of determining program length, and, if there is any variation, it is within acceptable SACSCOC and Tennessee Board of Regents guidelines.


Program Length


The degree programs at MABTS have programs of study appropriate to degrees offered. Associate degree programs require at least 60 semester credit hours, the baccalaureate degree requires 120 credit hours, master degree programs require 60 or 90 credit hours, the Doctor of Ministry degree program requires 32 credit hours, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree program requires 64 credit hours. The section in the 2014-15 MABTS Catalog summarizes curricular requirements for each field of study [1]. This information may also be found on the seminary website under the “Academics” link [2]. 


Criteria and Process of Determining Program Length


The criteria and process of determining program length begins with the academic council. The Council meets regularly to assist and advise the Academic Vice President in the supervision of the seminary’s academic programming and development. The Council recommends to the President and to the faculty through the Academic Vice President on academic matters and curriculum development [3]. In considering the number of classes essential to provide mastery of subject matter, the Academic Council adheres to the principles of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) (see Core Requirement 2.7.1, Program length) and is registered with the Board of Regents of New York to offer master and associate degrees [4].


The Academic Council (Deans of each Academic Program, Executive Vice President, Academic Vice President, Director of Institutional Assessment) reviews courses and curricula brought to the council by program directors and chairpersons and makes recommendations to the faculty and to the President. All recommendations are brought to the faculty for final approval [3].


Variation in Program Length


No program length at MABTS differs from accepted practices for which semester hour credit is earned.




1. 2014-15 MABTS Catalog, p. 88-205

2. 2014-15 MABTS Website – Academic Standards

3. 2014-15 MABTS Catalog, p. 8

4. 2014-15 MABTS Employee Handbook, p. 39

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