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3.6.4 Post-Baccalaureate Program Requirements


The institution defines and publishes requirements for its graduate and post-baccalaureate professional programs. These requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs.


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) defines and publishes requirements for each graduate and post-baccalaureate professional program. The institution maintains a process for determining what program coursework is included and how it conforms to commonly accepted standards and practices. All appropriate school publications provide clear, complete, and consistent information about each program.


Publication of Requirements


Requirements for all MABTS graduate and post-baccalaureate programs are published in the 2014-15 MABTS Catalog. Each graduate and post-baccalaureate professional program of study identifies courses that are program requirements and any pre-requisite courses [1]. The MABTS Catalog is published in hard copy book and online annually. The online version is a .pdf document of the hard copy and is therefore identical. The online edition is available on the MABTS website [2] and includes the following information regarding graduate programs:


  • Admissions policies [3]
  • General academic regulations [4]
  • Master degree requirements [5]
  • Doctoral degree requirements [6]


The descriptions in the MABTS Catalog for each degree program (see above) provide a clear rationale and design and include clearly stated and measurable outcomes consistent with the mission of the institution. Program requirements and other information may also be found in the various program handbooks [7].


Degree Conformity to Commonly Accepted Standards


MABTS programs requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs. The institution’s graduate programs have been designed in alignment with commonly accepted standards for theological graduate study. Most of the school’s master degrees (e.g., Master of Divinity) require 90 semester hours (the equivalent of three academic years of full-time study). The Master of Arts degree (e.g., Master of Arts in Christian Education) require 60 semester hours (the equivalent of two academic years of full-time study), and the school’s PhD degree requires 64 hours of credit beyond the MDiv [8]. The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) has a membership of 250 theological institutions. These schools provide similar theological training as MABTS and their guidelines for various program durations are: MDiv (a minimum of three academic years of full-time work or its equivalent—A.3.2.1), MA (a minimum of two academic years of full-time work or its equivalent—B.3.2.1), DMin (the equivalent of one full year of academic study and the completion of the doctoral project. Normally, the degree shall require not fewer than three nor more than six years to complete—E.3.2.1), and PhD (the equivalent of two years of full-time course work and sufficient time to prepare for comprehensive examinations, to acquire teaching skills, and to conduct the research for and writing of a doctoral dissertation—J.3.2.1) [9]. MABTS’s course content and credit hour requirements for degree programs are comparable to those at other theological seminaries [10].




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