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3.4.2 Continuing Education/Service Programs


The institution’s continuing education, outreach, and service programs are consistent with the institution’s mission.


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




The stated mission of the seminary is “to provide undergraduate and graduate theological training for effective service in church-related and missions vocations through its main campus and designated branch campuses” [1]. 


Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) does not offer continuing education courses but does require participation in the Practical Missions Program for all students, as stated in the 2014-15 Catalog, pages 59-60 [2]. This outreach program to the community is a practical application of what the students have learned in the classroom. Students are expected to share their faith and are required to meet mission assignments and report on the work completed. This linking of the classroom and the practical aspects of ministry and evangelistic zeal is one of the unique identities of MABTS. Students are involved in hands-on missions work throughout the Memphis-metro and outlying areas.


Each full-time student (four to five courses in a regular semester) must complete two mission assignments per week during the semester. Each part-time student (one to three courses in a regular semester) must complete one mission assignment per week during the semester. Each auditor or special student must complete one mission assignment per week during the semester. A mission assignment consists of approximately one hour of ministry time and normally provides the student with the opportunity to present the type of gospel witness described in this section. The total number of practical mission assignments which a student may complete during any given week is computed on this basis [3].


Each first-year student at the Cordova campus not currently serving as a pastor is required to participate in one of the different practical missions opportunities associated with the seminary. These opportunities include work with prison ministries, urban outreach, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Campus Crusade, hospitals, rescue mission ministries, church survey work, Evangelism Explosion, and Continuing Witness Training, etc. These activities are designed to orient the beginning students to evangelistic ministries outside the local church [4].


The first-year full-time student is to participate in one evangelistic ministry through the local church and one non-church-related practical mission ministry. The first-year part-time student is to participate in one evangelistic ministry through the local church [4].


A master list of Practical Missions ministry sites is listed in the Practical Missions Handbook and is made available to the student through the New Student Orientation [5], and through the MABTS website [6].


The seminary continually seeks for avenues of service to the community. Examples of this type of service include the SonRise Community Bible Study taught each week by the President [7], the monthly Ladies' Prayer Fellowship [8], the Women’s Institute [9], and conferences offered to the public [10].




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