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3.2.9 Personnel Appointment


The institution publishes policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of all personnel.


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Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) defines and publishes policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of faculty and staff (2014-15 Employee Handbook). The Office of the Executive Vice President submits for approval these policies to the personnel subcommittee of the Board of Trustees [1] and ultimately to the entire board. He then disseminates them through seminary publications and handbooks to all applicable personnel. Records pertaining to employment practices (including evaluation of personnel) are maintained in the office as the Executive Vice President serves as the Human Resources officer for the seminary. All employment issues are coordinated through his office. Personnel records for faculty are maintained in the Academic Vice President’s office.




The policies regarding the appointment, employment, and evaluation of personnel focus on faculty and staff.


              Employment of Faculty. According to pages 74-75 in the 2014-15 MABTS Employee Handbook,


The Board of Trustees elects the members of the faculty upon the President’s recommendation. The seminary is constantly searching for additional faculty. Because the seminary is primarily concerned with training people for ministry in Southern Baptist churches and mission work, every faculty member must be an active member of a cooperating Southern Baptist church. Each full faculty member must hold an earned doctorate from an acceptable institution of higher learning, must be a faithful witness to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, must accept the plenary verbal inspiration of the Bible, must be available for counseling with students, and must be committed to scholarly pursuits. The seminary also desires that faculty members have a background of fieldwork in the pastorate and/or evangelism and mission service. The seminary administration desires that the degrees of the faculty in each division represent a wide spectrum of institutions of higher learning but with a commitment to the theological stance and objectives of the seminary.


All faculty members are urged to keep the need for additional faculty as a priority prayer request. Each faculty member is encouraged to be on the lookout continually for those persons who might be qualified to serve on the faculty at Mid-America, especially in his discipline. When such a person is found, name and address are given to the chairman of the department in which the prospective faculty member would serve. The chairman of the department then shares the name and resume with the Academic Vice President, who in turn shares the information with the President.


No formal contact will be made with a prospective faculty member except by the President, who will do the preliminary investigation. Letters of recommendation, personal interviews by the President, official transcripts or other documentation, and a visit to the seminary campus by the prospective faculty member and spouse are involved in the selection process. The President and others whom he might appoint thoroughly investigate the prospect. If the President feels that this prospect meets stated qualifications for faculty members, the President issues an invitation to the prospect and spouse to visit the campus and meet the faculty and staff.


During the visit of the prospect to the campus, time is scheduled for the prospect to visit with the Academic Vice President and the chairman of the department for which he/she is being considered. The prospect also meets with the full department following his meeting with the chairman. If the prospect meets with the approval of the above elements of the seminary community and if there seems compatibility with present faculty and administration, the prospect then meets with a smaller committee from the faculty to discuss particular points of theology, etc. A time of fellowship is scheduled during this visit to allow the prospect and his/her spouse to meet the entire faculty and their spouses.


Recruitment and selection of faculty for the Northeast campus are carried out in the same manner as at the Cordova campus. The Director makes recommendations directly to the President regarding needs for faculty personnel. In addition to the procedure followed at the Cordova campus, each prospective Northeast campus faculty member and spouse are invited to visit the Northeast campus. This provides an opportunity for the prospect and the faculty members at the Northeast campus to have dialogue prior to the formal invitation by the President.


Serious question or reservation by any member of the faculty is considered reason to question seriously whether the prospect should be invited to join the faculty.


If the President, in consultation with the Academic Vice President and department chairs, feels that this person would make a contribution to the teaching staff, the President recommends to the Board of Trustees that the prospect be hired. Details of the contract agreement with the prospect are set by the President and are in accord with present policies regarding teaching personnel [2].


Employment of Staff. According to page 8 in the 2014-15 Employee Handbook,


The initial process of posting open positions and hiring all non-teaching personnel begins in the Office of the Executive Vice President. Once notified by a supervisor of a vacancy, the Director of Human Resources begins the hiring process and posts open positions. She administers preliminary interviews and appropriate testing. The supervisor of the open position then conducts second interviews with the prospective employees and informs the Director of Human Resources if the candidate is suitable for the position. The direct supervisor of the employee determines final employment, salary, and termination decisions. 


Seminary employees may apply for jobs available within the seminary due to termination of personnel. Because of long‑range planning and present needs, some jobs will not be open for general application.


Mid‑America Baptist Theological Seminary does not hire relatives of employees for the position of manager, supervisor, director, vice president, executive vice president, or president. Relatives are defined as spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, first cousin, corresponding in-law, "step" relation, or any member of the employee’s household [3].


              Employment Probationary Period. According to page 6 of the 2014-15 Employee Handbook,


The first ninety days of employment at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary shall be a probationary period. This period will include periodic evaluation by the immediate supervisor(s) and/or the Executive Vice President to determine the probationary employee’s job performance, relationship with his/her supervisor, and employment at the seminary. During the probationary period, either the employee or employer may terminate employment with or without cause [4].


              Equal Opportunity. According to page 7 of the 2014-15 Employee Handbook,


It is the policy of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary to maintain a workplace free of discrimination of any type. The seminary strongly disapproves of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, veterans’ status, or disability, and will take appropriate corrective action to remedy any situation that is brought to our attention. In an effort to further its policy of equal employment opportunity the seminary will:


·      Recruit, hire and promote for all job classifications without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, veterans’ status, or disability.

·      Base its decision of employment solely upon an individual's qualifications for the position.

·      Make promotional decisions based on the individual's qualifications as related to the position for which he or she is being considered.

·      Insure that all other personnel decision, such as compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, returns from layoff, company-sponsored training, social and recreational programs will be administered without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, veterans status or disability [5].


             Evaluation of Personnel. According to page 8 of the 2014-15 Employee Handbook,


The employee’s immediate supervisor performs annual and mid-year performance evaluations. The purpose of the performance evaluation is to clarify job descriptions and to assess strengths and weaknesses of the employee as viewed by the supervisor. All evaluations require two signatures: the immediate supervisor and the next level supervisor.


Prescribed evaluation tools are used to evaluate the performance of administrative employees. Evaluation results comprise a part of the criteria used to determine merit increase potential [6].


Performance evaluations [7] for faculty are stored in the office of the Academic Vice President, and those for staff [8] are maintained in the office of the Executive Vice President.




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