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3.2.12 Fund-Raising Activities


The institution demonstrates that its chief executive officer controls the institution’s fund-raising activities.


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




The president of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) is ultimately in control over the institution’s fund-raising activities. As chief executive officer, he is actively involved in the direction and oversight, either directly or through designated representatives, of the school. As discussed in the response to Core Requirement 2.3, the president’s responsibility for and control over the seminary are included in his job description [1].


While the MABTS president has ultimate control of all fund-raising activities, he delegates the coordination of such activities to the Chief Development Officer (CDO). As documented in the CDO’s job description, the nature and purpose of his position is to give “assistance to the president in development planning and donor development” [2].


According to the MABTS Organizational Chart [3], the CDO reports directly to the executive vice president and ultimately to the president and serves as a member of the Executive Administration Committee. He advises the president and other vice presidents weekly on fund-raising strategies, plans, and progress. The CDO is charged with coordinating various activities, including development events, communications, gift processing, and compliance.


According to his job description, the CDO is responsible for gift and estate planning and provides assistance to the President in developing and implementing strategies regarding donor relations [2]. He personally reports to the trustees and the executive administration of the school on all donor activity [4]. He also oversees the online giving, individual and alumni giving, and other forms of giving to the seminary in accordance with the fund-raising policies of the school [5].


Pursuant to the president’s directives, the CDO builds the operational infrastructure and professional fund-raising team to support fund-raising goals. Fund-raising for MABTS occurs through several efforts. The president gives direction to the MABTS Development Council whose purpose is to “assist in the continuing development and expansion of the seminary” [6]. The CDO coordinates with the Development Council, which hosts an annual golf tournament and donor banquet for fund-raising purposes [7]. He also coordinates with the Director of Alumni and Church Relations to sponsor state and national alumni associations, and regional and national alumni luncheons [8]. 


The seminary operates debt free [9] and encourages its students to remain or become debt free so that they might minister more effectively. The reporting arrangements of the fund-raising staff include weekly reports to the executive administration and monthly reports to the finance subcommittee of the trustee board [10], and biannual reports to the full trustee board [11].




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