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3.2.10 Administrative Staff Evaluations


The institution periodically evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators.


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary’s (MABTS) evaluation process is consistent with SACSCOC guidelines (see Comprehensive Standard 3.2.9). The institution employs a bi-annual process of evaluation (using evaluative tools) to determine the effectiveness of its administrators.




The Trustee Board meets in executive session at the conclusion of the spring trustee meeting each year to give formal evaluation of the President [1] and to discuss his possible salary increase. The president, in turn, evaluates the Executive Administrators of the school (Executive Vice President, Academic Vice President, Chief Development Officer, and Vice President for Finance and Operations) bi-annually. The Vice Presidents evaluate each Director in their respective area, and Directors evaluate subordinate employees in the same manner.  


Evaluations of faculty and staff are performed by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The purpose of these evaluations is to clarify job descriptions and to assess strength and weaknesses of the employee as viewed by the supervisor. Prescribed assessment tools for staff [2] and faculty [3] are used to evaluate performance. Faculty are also assessed through self-report of their professional activities throughout the summer months [4] and classroom evaluations by students [5]. The evaluative process comprises part of the criteria used to determine salary increases. Effective communication is essential to an enjoyable and productive work experience. Therefore, efforts are made to allow and encourage open communication in both directions between employees and employer. These guidelines are found in the Employee Handbook [6]. These policies are consistent with information demonstrated in Comprehensive Standard 3.2.9.


Evaluative Tools


Evaluative tools are used by the seminary for both administrative staff and academic faculty members.


Administrative Staff. MABTS uses an Employee Performance Review form as a basis for the evaluative process for administrative personnel [2]. General information and instructions are given to aid the reviewer and seven job factors are rated as a basis for performance:


·      Job knowledge/skills

·      Work results

·      Communications

·      Initiative/problem solving

·      Interpersonal relations

·      Work habits

·      Supervision


Evaluators use this Likert scale instrument to give an overall score of: outstanding, commendable, satisfactory, needs improvement, unsatisfactory. There is a space for overall comments and room is given to discuss employee strengths, opportunities for development, and goals.


There is space for the evaluator, his or her direct supervisor, and the one being evaluated to sign the document. Space is provided for employees to make any comment necessary.


Academic Faculty. Each faculty member submits an annual Professional Activities Report (PAR) [4] to his/her Department Chairman by October 15. In addition, each Department Chairman, using a prescribed instrument, completes an evaluation on each faculty member in his/her department [3]. The Department Chairman responds in writing to the Professional Activities Report and discusses this report in a scheduled meeting with each faculty member in his/her department prior to November 1.


Any pertinent information from the class surveys [5] and the student body survey is also shared at this time. After meeting with the faculty member, the Department Chairman shares the summary conclusions from the evaluation process in a meeting, prior to November 1, with the Academic Vice President.


Concurrent with this process, the Academic Vice President receives a Professional Activities Report on November 1 from each Academic Dean and Department Chairman and conducts an evaluation of each Director and Chairman. The Professional Activities Report and results of the total evaluation process are discussed in a meeting with the respective Dean or Chairman and the Academic Vice President. This meeting is to be held prior to January 1.


At the Northeast campus, all faculty evaluation procedures are coordinated through the Office of the Director and copies forwarded to the Academic Vice President.


In addition to the signature of the professor being evaluated, the seminary operates a two-signature evaluation system.




1. Presidential Evaluation

2. Staff Performance Evaluation Example

3. Faculty Performance Evaluation Example

4. Faculty Professional Activities Report Example

5. Classroom Evaluation Sample

6. 2014-15 Employee Handbook, p. 8, 50-51

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