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3.11.1 Control of Physical Resources


The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources.


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) exercises appropriate control over its physical resources. The Vice President of Finance and Operations (VPFO) has primary responsibility for control over the seminary’s physical resources and he is responsible for establishing and communicating policies and procedures that ensure appropriate levels of control over physical resources. The VPFO has the responsibility of assuring accurate and up-to-date records of the school’s physical inventory, and for the oversight of seminary budgets, financial operations, procurement services, risk management, insurance, public safety, physical plant construction, operations and maintenance, information technology, the bookstore and food services. In addition, the VPFO oversees the responsibilities for the procurement and payment for goods and services and maintains proper documentation to explain asset disposal.


The Operations and Maintenance department, under the direction of the Director of Operations and Maintenance (DOM), is responsible for the planning, accountability, management, administration, construction, operation, maintenance, health, safety and environmental compliance of MABTS physical assets. The seminary’s physical plant consists of two campuses with approximately 15,949 square feet of classroom floor space, 14,231 square feet in Cordova, TN and 1,718 square feet in Schenectady, NY. Additionally, administrative and faculty offices along with libraries and other support areas are maintained at both locations. The responsibilities of this department include operation of utilities and the maintenance of facilities, equipment, and grounds. This department ensures the reliable, efficient and economical delivery of energy products and manages programs for the modification of existing and construction of new facilities. It also oversees the development and execution of risk management programs and develops and implements energy management and conservation programs. They also develop and review design and/or construction standards, criteria, or plans and specifications. The Operations and Maintenance department manages deferred maintenance and capital renewal, campus planning, solicitation of architect/engineering design or consultant services, environmental health, and physical security.


The Operations and Management staff have many years of progressive technical, administrative, and trades experience. The department creates goals and sets outcomes [1 and 2] that support the seminary’s mission and create a responsive, flexible, and competent service organization.


The office of the Executive Vice President provides the coordination of academic and meeting spaces, accommodations, and special event rooms. The DOM manages the upkeep and configuration of furnishings for these spaces and the Director of Information Services is responsible for the media equipment needs in each area. The DOM also oversees and manages the card swipe and security systems.


Physical Inventories


The seminary keeps accurate up-to-date records of the physical facilities. An Asset Tracking By Category Report [3] is updated and certified annually.


MABTS follows the purchasing processes published by the Business Office [4] to ensure compliance with state law and school requirements. MABTS uses a combination of competitive procurement processes and procurement cards for cost effective purchases of services, supplies and equipment. The institution purchases through a cooperative purchasing network, Cord, Inc. [5] allowing it to benefit from lower pricing. All purchases over $5,000 follow a formal bid process, wherein lowest bidders offer the best value to the seminary.


The Business Office reports weekly to the President and monthly to the Finance Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees. The annual audit is reviewed and approved by the Finance Subcommittee prior to submitting the report to the full Board of Trustees. The VPFO meets with the Finance Subcommittee each quarter in a conference call.


The Business Office maintains accountable control of MABTS processes and procedures and provides management with information about the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's system of internal control. An external auditing firm prepares an Internal Controls Policy Questionnaire which provides the basis for the Internal Controls Policies for operating accountability that applies to all Business Office personnel [6].


Deferred Maintenance


A comprehensive master-planning program includes the facilities master plan for the seminary that covers maintenance, renovation, a deferred maintenance plan, and a project/fund balance plan to ensure that the physical resources are adequate for the needs of the seminary.


When identified, new major seminary projects are added to the Facility Master Plan [7] for capital expenditure and deferred maintenance to keep all plans up to date. The Facility Master Plan incorporates the capital expenditure [7] and deferred maintenance [8] which are reviewed by the seminary President annually. The MABTS Board of Trustees reviews facilities and grounds needs and projects at the annual meeting of the full board. If the deferred maintenance for the campus exceeds 5% of the current value of educational and general space, the seminary provides an action plan to correct the excessive deferred maintenance backlog before any new major construction or renovation projects are presented to the Board of Trustees.


Risk Management


The facilities and grounds of the seminary are intended primarily for the use of the academic, administrative and student support services of the seminary. Other uses of the facilities and grounds, including cultural and public service events, must conform to the stated mission and objectives of the seminary. Such other use of grounds and facilities must adhere to this policy, to specific rules and procedures governing the use of the individual facilities, and to local, state, and federal law. The seminary will, when renting its facilities, recover all direct and indirect costs as reflected in the Special Events Policies [9]. Special Events manages the use of facilities for community events, weddings, banquets, summer camps, and other events. Campus Life manages the use of facilities and fields for athletic camps. MABTS requires signed hold-harmless agreements, deposits, and insurance to protect the seminary’s financial interests [9]. The academic office schedules academic and seminary sponsored events.


MABTS manages its financial risks through a combination of maintenance, safety training and education, security and fire alarms, fire protection, and insurance. High value items are protected from fire and theft using locks, security alarms and cameras, fire alarm and fire protection systems, and campus police officers. The actual of all contents is reviewed on an annual basis and updated as needed [3]. MABTS has “extra expense” coverage to pay for additional expenses to maintain the revenue stream should that become necessary. For properties where there are no facilities, the MABTS General Liability Insurance provides coverage as stated in the policy. MABTS carries liability coverage on seminary owned and leased vehicles. Medical, comprehensive, and collision coverage is provided for select vehicles, as listed on the policy.


Additional information regarding facilities is provided in the response to SACSCOC Comprehensive Standard 3.11.3.




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