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3.1.1 Mission


The mission statement is current and comprehensive, accurately guides the institution’s operations, is periodically reviewed and updated, is approved by the governing board, and is communicated to the institution’s constituencies.


_X_  Compliance           ___  Partial Compliance          ___  Non-Compliance




Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary’s (MABTS) mission (purpose) statement is found in the 2014-15 Catalog [1] and is published on the seminary website under the "Our Mission" link from the "Why Mid-America?" pull-down menu [2 and 3].

After review and assessment by the Executive Administration Committee of the seminary, the purpose statement is discussed and approved annually by the Board of Trustees at their bi-annual meeting [4]. MABTS’s mission statement was approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) upon initial approval on August 30, 1978 [5], and the institution’s information is listed on their website under Other Independent Professional Schools and Special Purpose Institutions [6].

The seminary catalog is reviewed annually, including the general educational objectives of the academic programs which follows “its stated institutional purpose” [7]. Every academic program offered by MABTS is directly connected to the seminary’s mission and purpose [1]. The seminary’s Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Model (PLOAM) serves as a basis for peer review. The mission statement of the school informs the goal statements of each degree program (Column 1). The goal statements, in turn, serve as a basis for expected student learning outcomes in each degree program (Column 2). These learning outcomes are quantified through class work product (artifacts) (Column 3), which are later reviewed by departmental and other faculty (Column 4). This process supports program coherence with the stated mission of the school as it closes the loop (Column 5) [8].


The mission statement of the school is disseminated to its constituencies for the faculty and staff [9], to the students [10], and trustees [11] and is available publicly on the MABTS website [2 and 3]. The mission statement of the school is assessed by members of the seminary community through annual forums for the faculty [12], the staff [13], and the students [14].




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