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FEBRUARY 14, 2019


Dr. B. Gray Allison, Founder Of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Dies At 94 

Founder establishes global institution through conservative
‘Bible, missions and evangelism’ leadership


MEMPHIS, TN – Mid-America mourns the loss of Dr. B. Gray Allison, the founder of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, who died Feb. 12.

Known as “Dr. Gray” by friends and associates, he served as Mid-America’s president from its inception in 1972 until 1997. After that time he continued to serve as professor and chair of the evangelism department.


“The Mid-America family mourns the passing of our founder whose passion for missions and evangelism touched the world,” says Mid-America President Dr. Michael Spradlin.  “The Lord led Dr. B. Gray Allison to create an institution committed to teaching the Bible’s truthfulness and prioritizing practical missions and theology. These distinctives are as true of Mid-America today as they were in 1972,” he said.


Dr. Gray created the seminary to be a conservative alternative to liberal-leaning institutions. He required faculty and staff to be Bible-believing and fully committed to personal evangelism while championing biblical inerrancy. As a predominately donor-supported institution, the seminary was also created to provide students a fully accredited, high-quality, personal and practical education at an affordable cost.


The seminary, which started with four professors and 28 students in Olivet Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR, now has thousands of graduates serving on six continents. Its students have personally witnessed to more than 1.7 million people with more than 165,000 professions of faith since its beginning.


For more information on Dr. Gray’s funeral and memorial services or Mid-America, see


Mid-America’s award-winning campus is located on 35 acres of land in a Memphis, TN, suburb with a branch campus in Albany, NY. Founded in 1972, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary provides theological training for effective service in church-related and mis¬sions vocations. Founded in 2018, The College at Mid-America is the undergraduate school of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and provides associate and baccalaureate degree programs to prepare students to take their place as effective Christian and secular leaders. Both academic institutions guide students into a thorough understanding of the Bible and its relevance to everyday living. Mid-America students volunteer and serve the community through Witness One:Seven and GO! programs.



For more information or comments from Mid-America, contact Mid-America Communications Director at or 901-751-3066.

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