MDIV at MABTS - Everything You Need To Know

What is an MDIV?

A Master of Divinity (MDIV) degree is the most in-demand theology degree among students seeking ministry careers and with churches seeking to fill ministry positions. This degree is commonly found in divinity and seminary schools, and is the most popular degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  A professional graduate degree beyond the Bachelor of Arts or equivalent, the MDIV is a requirement for many ministry positions and sometimes for ordination to the Gospel ministry.

The MDIV program takes about three years to complete. The curriculum includes personal evangelism, missions, theology, Greek and Hebrew, the history of Christianity and other world religions, and thorough biblical studies in the New and Old Testament. Mid-America makes the MDIV available through seminary online with our Connected Campus.

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary offers an MDIV degree in four core focuses:

·         Master of Divinity – Pastoral Ministries

·         Master of Divinity – Biblical Counseling

·         Master of Divinity – Missiology and Intercultural Studies

·         Master of Divinity – Christian Education

Each degree offers a slightly different curriculum to meet the needs of various types of ministry callings and careers. The MDIV program is unique because it offers students the opportunity for personal growth and the means to develop a professional ministry competence.

The MDIV program offered by Mid-America turns students into critical thinkers, communicators, and effective pastors and missionaries. It teaches the discipline and insight needed to understand and spread God’s Word. It is a rewarding experience throughout the journey and once it has been completed.

Why do I need an MDIV?

An MDIV degree equips students with strong foundations in theology. These foundations provide graduates with the wisdom and ability to address and explain a variety of theological and current world issues. The strong foundation gained during the MDIV program also provides students with the necessary training and insight that stimulates a deeper thought and discussion on difficult topics. The MDIV program gives students the tools necessary to help become a well-rounded and versed preacher, teacher, counselor, missionary, or other ministry path.

Among other callings, the MDIV prepares students to serve as a pastor, and pastors are now required to do more than ever. Pastors lead an organization. They lead the church. They grow the congregation. They are available during the most life challenging situations. The MDIV gives students the skills and techniques necessary to take on these various and demanding roles. Leadership training is crucial for every pastor, no matter the size of their church. MDIV programs develop a student’s ability to critically think and communicate with their audience. Students will use these communication skills daily to craft messages and connect with others. 

Where should I go to get an MDIV?

Mid-America has developed into a premier institution for theological education. Founded in 1972, Mid-America has excelled in its academic quality of education. Mid-America has impacted and changed hundreds of thousands of individuals who have heard the Gospel from students who attended Mid-America. The entire faculty at Mid-America is committed to equipping students to make a difference, teaching them to walk with Christ while they serve their communities and churches. Come and discover how God will use your time to equip you for a lifetime of ministry, and an MDIV from Mid-America is a great place to begin.