Master of Divinity - Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Master of Divinity degree the right degree for me?

The Master of Divinity (MDIV) degree is the most popular degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and among most other seminary schools. It is the most common graduate degree for the pastoral profession. Many churches, missions organizations, and denominations require a Master of Divinity degree for ministry positions. Is it the right degree for you?

The Master of Divinity is a graduate theology degree, so a Bachelor-level degree is a prerequisite, although the Bachelor degree can be in any field and need not be earned from a Baptist Bible college or other religious institution. (See the Catalog for full details and exceptions.)

At Mid-America, we also offer you the flexibility of tailoring the Master of Divinity to fit your particular ministry path by offering four areas of emphasis:

·         Master of Divinity – Pastoral Ministries

·         Master of Divinity – Biblical Counseling

·         Master of Divinity – Missiology and Intercultural Studies

·         Master of Divinity – Christian Education

Each Master of Divinity degree offers a slightly different curriculum to meet the needs of various types of ministry callings and careers. Yet all provide a solid foundation with core courses such as personal evangelism, missions, theology, Greek and Hebrew, the history of Christianity and other world religions, and thorough biblical studies in the New and Old Testament.

Every Master of Divinity Degree at Mid-America offers three education objectives: foundational studies, essential skills for ministry, and personal growth and professional development. All Master of Divinity degrees are designed for both male and female students with the exception of the Master of Divinity – Pastoral Ministries program, which is designed to prepare students to serve as ordained pastors. This policy accords with the seminary’s conviction that the ordained pastor of a church must be male. (See the Catalog under “Regulations Regarding Female Students” for full details.)

How long does it take to earn a Master of Divinity degree at MABTS?

The Master of Divinity is an extensive program and consists of 90 semester hours at Mid-America, significantly more than other types of Master-level programs that sometimes require as little as 36 or 48 hours. At Mid-America, we believe 90 hours is necessary to fully equip the student for the demanding work of the ministry, and we have resisted the trend among some seminaries toward omitting courses and lowering semester hour requirements. We want to ensure a broad and thorough foundation for ministry. The Master of Divinity program takes about three years to complete. Our Master of Divinity degree is also available through our seminary online which we call Connected Campus.

How much does it cost to earn a Master of Divinity degree?

Mid-America is known for its steadfast commitment to helping students graduate without the burden of large student debt. At MABTS, every student is on 70% scholarship, funded by generous financial supporters and friends of the seminary. That means we're able to offer world-class scholarship at down-to-earth costs, allowing you to make a world of difference—anywhere in the world God calls you.

We believe Mid-America offers the best education value you will find at any fully accredited seminary school in the United States. Compare our tuition costs to the average cost of other institutions, and you'll see that our annual cost is about 60% less. For example, using the latest data available (2015–2016) from The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and our 2015–2016 tuition and fees, a Master of Divinity at Mid-America costs only $7,190 per year compared to $17,465 at the average ATS seminary. Click here for more details.

Is Mid-America the right place for me to earn my Master of Divinity?

You have many choices when it comes to where to earn your Master of Divinity, but we believe the unique combination of benefits offered by MABTS makes us one of the nation’s premiere seminaries offering the Master of Divinity. Here are some of those benefits:

·         Conservative theology where every professor believes in the inerrant Word of God and is active in a local church and in regular witnessing activities.

·         Our Witness One:Seven program which equips you to learn how to effectively witness and minister.

·         Academic excellence at the faculty level—each of our faculty has an earned PHD from an accredited academic institution—and the institutional level—MABTS is fully accredited by The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

·         We’re donor-supported which means our tuition costs are low, enabling you to graduate without the burden of large student debt.

·         Faculty involvement in students’ lives marks the Mid-America experience, broadening the educational experience and providing ministry contacts that will you serve well as you network and continue to learn after graduation.

·         More than 90 percent of alumni are still serving in Gospel ministry, making you part of a Mid-America community that reaches across our nation and around the world. Mid-America is more than a seminary. It’s a forever family.