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Seminary Studies for Adults

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Always keep learning, keep growing with Mid-America Seminary Studies for Adults

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary offers seminary-level studies to anyone who desires a deep, intellectual, and challenging experience in God’s Word. Seminary Studies for Adults is an audit program. As an audit student, you will learn alongside members of the student body— same classroom, same course—and have the unparalleled opportunity to sit under Mid-America’s world-class Bible professors. Virtually any course in the catalog that does not require a prerequisite is open for your registration. Audit students are not required to take the exams. The cost for each course is only $50. Monday night is the most popular class, taught by Dr. Kirk Kilpatrick, with more than a hundred audit students from all over the Mid-South in attendance. These audit students represent more than 20 different churches and nine different denominations. The fellowship is as rich as the instruction and many new friendships in Christ have developed.

To register for the Monday night class, return the audit registration form along with $50 to the Registrar's office.  To apply for admission to Seminary Studies for Adults, contact the MABTS Admissions office at (901) 751-8453 or

What Seminary Studies for Adults participants are saying:

  • My friends and I look forward each week to our trip to Mid-America from Ripley, Mississippi. On our way back home, we discuss the material covered in class that evening. It makes the two-hour trip much shorter and helps us retain the information we received in class. We have grown in our knowledge of Scripture and have become closer to the Lord as a result of the study. Bible study has become more meaningful, interesting, and important. We are so thankful for this opportunity to study God’s word with such an excellent instructor.
  • I love this class time. Monday night is just great! The length is wonderful, and the fellowship is great. I love the people I am with. They are so mature, helpful, and friendly. Everything goes so well. Dr Kilpatrick is very, very wise, I can hardly wait to hear what he has to say. He brings instant life to the Word.
  • I am so excited to be a part of the study this year. It has truly been a blessing. Since this is my first year to be a part of this, I look forward to future studies here at Mid-America.
  • Thank you for making this available to us. It is such an interesting study. After reading and studying the Bible for years, this study is bringing it all together for me.
  • The class is wonderful...and such a blessing. The fellowship is a blessing also. Could not stand it if it were better.
  • Both of us appreciate the deeper truths and connections of Messianic prophecy we are learning in this class, as well as experiencing the profound knowledge and experience easily visible in Dr. Kilpatrick’s teaching style.
  • I want to thank you for introducing me to the teaching of Bible courses that are available to seniors at Mid-America. Had it not been for your invitation and encouragement, I would have missed the most in-depth and comprehensive Bible studies I have ever experienced.
  • Time...perfect! Length...perfect! Room...perfect!
  • Thank you for making this class available to seniors.
  • I enjoy the class so much. I’m a history buff, and this study just brings so much alive. Our teacher is absolutely great!
  • The study is such a blessing! I am just praying I can retain much of the teaching. This is my third study, and each one has encouraged me.
  • This course has provided a base for historical succession of facts related to the second coming of Jesus Christ. More than that, however, the course has allowed me a window into the world showing how our future pastors are being trained. I especially love the fact that I can depend upon answers given by Dr. Kilpatrick to be directly from the Holy Bible, the inspired Word of God.


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