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What Biblical Counseling degrees does Mid-America offer?

Mid-America offers seven degrees of Biblical Counseling:

1) Certificate in Biblical Counseling

2) Bridge Program that allows students with a certificate in Biblical Counseling to obtain academic course credit

3) BA in Biblical Counseling

4) MA in Biblical Counseling

5) MDIV in Biblical Counseling

6) DMIN in Biblical Counseling

7) PhD in Biblical Counseling


Where can I find the core curriculum, class schedules, and credit hours for Mid-America’s Biblical Counseling degrees?

Please click here and select the degree in which you are interested to find information about curriculum. Class schedule information is available here.


How is Mid-America’s Biblical Counseling program different from other schools who offer similar degrees?

One unique feature of the counseling program at Mid-America is its partnership with the father of nouthetic counseling. Jay Adams wholeheartedly endorses Mid-America’s counseling program. Additionally, the BA, MA, and MDIV practicums that provides students with hands-on experience in the form of counseling sessions with actual counselees. 


Are your Biblical Counseling degrees available for residential and/or online students?

All of the Bachelor and Master degree courses are offered both residentially and online. The core counseling courses for the DMIN and PhD programs are offered residentially and online, while the minor seminar courses are offered residentially.


Are there any dual enrollment or bridge type programs for Biblical Counseling degrees?

Yes. For information on dual credit courses, please contact the registrar’s office at (901) 751-3023, or click here.


Are there counseling prerequisites for any of your Biblical Counseling degrees?

There are no counseling prerequisites for any of the biblical counseling programs.  


How do I apply? 

You can apply here.


What is the cost of your counseling degrees?

You can get information about tuition and fees for The College at Mid-America here. You can learn about Seminary tuition here.


How long will it take me to earn a Biblical Counseling degree?

Full time MA may complete their degree requirements in as little as two years. Full time MDIV, DMIN and PhD students may complete their degree requirements in as little as three years. Full time BA students may complete their degree requirements in as little as four years.


Are scholarships available?

You can find information about scholarship opportunities here.


Do you take transfer credits from accredited schools and non-accredited schools?

Mid-America accepts transfer credits from accredited schools when the courses fit the degree program in which the student enrolls. For more information, please contact the registrar’s office at (901) 751-3023. Mid-America may accept transfer credits from unaccredited schools in certain circumstances. For more information please contact the registrar’s office.


How will your degree prepare me to be a licensed counselor?

Mid-America does not offer a licensure for counseling but equips students to ministry in a variety of church and para-church contexts.


Are counseling practicums required and/or available?

The BA, MA, and MDIV degrees each contain a practicum that provide students with real world experience.


Do you have partnerships for students to gain experience through internships and/or practicums?

For students in the Memphis area, Mid-America partners with the counseling department at Bellevue Baptist Church to provide BA, MA, and MDIV students real world experience. 


Does Mid-America own the Institute of Nouthetic Studies (INS,

Yes. Mid-America owns the Institute for Nouthetic Studies.


Does Jay Adams support all seven levels of your Biblical Counseling programs?

Yes. Mid-America has partnered with Jay Adams, the father of the modern biblical counseling movement, to build a counseling curriculum that is faithful to the Scriptures, academically rigorous, and intensely practicalWho are the Mid-America counseling professors?


Who are the Mid-America counseling professors?

Mid-America’s counseling professors are Matthew R. Akers, Jamie Fish, and Nick Brown. For more information about the chair of the department, see click here. The instructors in the Institute for Nouthetic Counseling are Jay E. Adams, Donn R. Arms, Martha Peace, Lou Priolo, Bill Slattery, and Robert Smith. For more information, click here. 


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