Baptist Bible College - Why Choose a Seminary?

Why choose a seminary for a Baptist Bible College?

If you’re serious about acquiring the highest quality undergraduate education you can get in the area of Christian Studies, you should take a serious look at a seminary school. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is a Baptist Bible college and seminary in one. For you, that means you get a fully accredited Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies, and you receive your instruction from our world-class seminary faculty. That means our fully credentialed seminary professors, each of whom has an earned PHD from an accredited institution, will be teaching your classes, providing unsurpassed depth and breadth of learning. Your course requirements will be at the bachelor level, just like a Baptist Bible college, but in some cases you will be learning right alongside seminary-level students, so you’ll share advanced insights that will accelerate your education.

Why attend a Baptist Bible College if I’m not called to preach?

Mid-America’s ministry is to equip all students with a biblical education, both those called to pastoral ministry and those preparing for other vocations, such as a guidance counselor at a Christian school. Our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree allows students who may not feel a call to vocational ministry to earn a BACS degree. Our fully-accredited BACS offers course options such as “Biblical Preaching” and “Pastoral Ministries” for ministerial students and “Principles of Teaching” and “Church Ministries” for other students. Filling a need for biblically trained graduates that is underserved in today’s world, our BACS is designed to help all students develop a Christian worldview.

What if I intend to pursue a Masters degree after undergraduate studies?

We can save you time and money, plus offer you broader learning in earning a theology degree. Mid-America’s new Accelerated Degree Programs enable you to earn two degrees—Bachelor and Master—in as little as five years. Bachelor students can take up to 30 hours of Master-level credit by taking 10 of the 15 courses offered in the Dual Credit format. The bottom-line benefits include:

·         Quicker path to ministry

·         Less expense

·         Broader learning through less course and instructor redundancy

There’s also our High School Bridge Program which gives high school students in their junior or senior year the opportunity to earn Bachelor-level academic credit that can transfer to our fully accredited Bachelor degree.

Will I get the “college experience” at a seminary?

If you mean, will you make amazing, lifelong friends and contacts, receive a high quality, well-rounded education, and have a lot of fun doing it? Yes! Will you have ready access to typical college distractions that can derail your future? No. What you will get is a transformative experience which will cultivate a thoroughly Christian, thoughtfully biblical worldview that will serve you well as you navigate your future. Your college experience at Mid-America includes outstanding campuses in Memphis (take a tour here) or New York. (Online courses are also available through our Connected Campus.)

At our central campus in Memphis, there’s plenty to do when you’re not in class. Hang out in one of our many lounge areas or grab a cup of coffee at the Mid-America Bookstore. Refresh and recharge yourself spiritually at Chapel services held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Enjoy delicious entrees in our cafeteria or grab a snack and play a round of ping pong in the Student Center. Meet new friends in one of our student fellowships and student council. Study in our extensive, state-of-the-art library. After a day of classes, play a game of pick-up basketball, get fit in the workout rooms, or take an invigorating walk on the track. That’s a day in the life of Mid-America.  But life in Memphis has a lot of flavor, too, and we’re not talking just about barbecue!

Is student housing available at this Baptist Bible College?

Yes, student housing for the Memphis campus is located immediately adjacent to the campus. The community building plus 144 apartments, one playground and a multi-purpose recreational field make up MASH (Mid-America Student Housing). The 144 apartments are broken down into many options, including affordable furnished rooms for Bachelor-level students only.

Can I come and visit the campus?

Absolutely! We love meeting students. Mid-America hosts special Preview Days at least twice per year, in the fall and spring. Click here to learn more. If you cannot attend a Preview Day, we welcome you to contact us to arrange an individual visit. To do so, please contact Dana Sneed at 901-751-3060 or