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List of Scholarships for Seminary Students:


                             OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID



For needy students who are in good standing, making normal progress toward a degree and enrolling in two(2) or more courses each semester.  PLEASE NOTE: Student must have a 2.5 Cumulative GPA or higher.



A wide variety of scholarships are available to students who are accepted into or are making progress toward a degree.

  • For Next School Year: Students must apply to the seminary by April 1 for consideration for Fall & Spring scholarships.
  • For New Incoming Students in Spring: New, incoming students for Spring entry must apply to the seminary by November 1 for consideration for Spring scholarships. They also would apply by April 1 to receive scholarships covering the following school year.

Criteria-based, student must provide proofs necessary.
Scholarship Name Criteria for Granting Scholarship
Ashley S. Wright

Master level student.

Boyce Family Full-time African American students at Master or Doctoral level.
Egypt Baptist For Master level students called to pastorate.
Hussman Male, full-time students called to pastorate.
Janet Whitehead Female students from the state of Mississippi.
Robert Whitehead

Males students from the state of Mississippi.

Peggy Scott Christian Education For deserving student with financial need that is preparing for a vocation in Christian Education.
Noble MDiv pastoral currently serving or preparing to serve as pastor, preferably married.
North A full-time student, MDiv or DMin, or any student in pastoral or evangelistic ministry.
Pope Family A full-time student preparing for the chaplaincy or in the MDiv pastoral program.
Virginia Pentecost Must be a Southern Baptist.
General Scholarship Available to all Master or Doctoral students.
L. J. Belt Worthy and needy students attending Seminary.
Bob Sorrell Christian Ed students at Master level based on GPA and potential for ministry.
International 10-40 Student from 10-40 window country going back to serve there after graduation.
Satterwhite Needy student pursuing pastorate.
Bob & Barbara Scott Needy student pursuing pastorate.
Barbara Mashburn Graduate of Central H.S. Memphis, TN going into the Worpship degree program.
Morrison Outdoor Preaching For Master or Doctoral students who will preach an outdoor sermon and post video. (more details available).
Morrison Scripture Memory For Master student who will memorize the book of Romans.
David Skinner International Studies For Master student in Missiology program.
Wren Causey For Master level students who show need, making normal progress toward degree.
Eva K. Thomas Deserving student with financial needs, making normal progress toward degree.
Nostrand Deserving student with Financial needs, making normal progress toward degree.
W. L. Priddy For needy and deserving students.

For students participating in Mid-America Global>MOVE Communities:

Criteria-based, student must provide proofs necessary.
Scholarship Name Criteria for Granting Scholarship
Shepherd For NE student with financial need and making normal progress toward degree.
Clayton Shaw For NE student with financial need and making normal progress toward degree.

The number scholarships granted from the above categories may change from year-to-year.  They will typically pay for one (1) to four (4) classes depending on the funds available each year and require the student to be enrolled in 2 or more courses each semester.


There are funds available for benevolence needs as they may arise for students. Contact the Campus Life Office by email at


If you are looking for Scholarships to attend the College At Mid-America, please click here to get more information.


Special Presidential scholarships exist, but they are not offered by application.

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