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Accelerated Master of Divinity

When a student has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling, Mid-America believes that they have acquired the basic biblical knowledge necessary to move forward into the Master of Divinity program. This means that Accelerated Master of Divinity students are not required to repeat all of the basic courses on the Master level that they have already completed on the Bachelor level, and they can move more quickly into their desired area of concentrated study. (Some courses do repeat; with the languages and preaching/teaching the administration of Mid-America feels that repetition on a higher level has benefit.)


Each Accelerated Master of Divinity concentration consists of 60 total credit hours. Within that total, the Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Counseling programs also incorporate hands-on practicums.


Who Is Eligible For the Program?

Students who have achieved an undergraduate degree with Mid-America (either BACS or BABC) are eligible for the Accelerated Master of Divinity.  Also, students who graduated from other Christian colleges may also be eligible if they have a biblical or Christian studies undergraduate degree that included at least 10 of the following 15 courses:

  • Evangelism
  • Hermeneutics (Basic Biblical Interpretation)
  • History of Christianity
  • Intro to Biblical Counseling
  • Intro to Christian Education
  • Intro to Missions
  • Intro to Research and Writing
  • New Testament Survey 1
  • New Testament Survey 2
  • Old Testament Survey 1
  • Old Testament Survey 2
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Systematic Theology 1 (Basic Biblical Doctrine)
  • Traditional World Religions and Cults

*Students who graduated from another Christian college and had 8 of the courses listed may also apply, but will be required to take 2 more of the courses during their first year.


Admissions Requirements

Students applying to enroll in the Accelerated Master of Divinity program must also complete all the normal admissions requirements for master programs, as explained in the Catalog.


Available Areas of Study

The Accelerated Master of Divinity is available in the following concentrations:

  • Biblical Counseling
  • Christian Education
  • Missiology and Intercultural Studies
  • Pastoral Ministry

For Degree Audits for each area, see the Registrar page.

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