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Bridge Program

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary offers a bridge program that gives options to students for getting ahead in the pursuit of a degree.  Through these options, a high school student can earn up to twenty-four hours of credit towards a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree while still in high school, and a Bachelor level student can earn up to twenty-four hours of credit toward a Master Degree while still in the Bachelor program.


High School Bridge to Bachelor Degree

A high school student can earn up to twenty-four hours of credit toward a BACS degree.  To earn the full twenty-four hours of credit, students must take four courses during their junior year and four courses during their senior year.  Contact the Admissions Office at (901) 751-3060, or for an application.  Click on the links below for information about program requirements, and the current schedule.

     Bachelor Bridge Program 2016-2017 Schedule

     Bachelor Bridge Program Requirements

The program includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to Computing
  • English Grammar 1 and 2
  • English Composition
  • World History 1 and 2
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Music Appreciation
  • Religion in the Public Square
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Introduction to Biology



Bachelor Bridge to Master Degree

A Bachelor student can earn up to twenty-four hours credit toward a Master degree while still taking Bachelor level courses. There are fourteen courses that can be taken in a Dual Credit format, whereby a student may earn Bachelor and Master level credits at the same time.  Bachelor students who qualify will be able to choose up to eight of those fourteen courses to attempt. There are pre-requisites for students who wish to take advantage of this option.  See the following for details:


Dual Credit Information


The following courses will be available (beginning with the Fall 2016 semester) in Dual Credit format for Bachelor level students (residential and online):

  • CE4484/7484 Intro to Christian Education
  • EV 3200/6200 Personal Evangelism
  • MS 3405/6405 Traditional World Religions and Cults
  • MS 3370/6370 Introduction to Missions
  • NT 2601/5601 New Testament Survey 1
  • NT 2602/5602 New Testament Survey 2
  • OT 2101/5101 Old Testament Survey 1
  • OT 2101/5102 Old Testament Survey 2
  • CN 4103/7103 Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  • PM 4300/7300 Spiritual Formation
  • PM 4200/7200 Pastoral Ministries
  • BH 2100/5100 Basic Biblical Interpretation/Hermeneutics
  • CH 3001/6001 History of Christianity
  • TH 3701/6701 Basic Biblical Doctrines/Systematic Theology 1


To get started, students should contact the Registrar's Office at (901) 751-3023, or      




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