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Doctor of Ministry

The doctor of ministry degree is an advanced professional degree designed to enable students to practice ministry at a high level of competency. The program builds on the general theological preparation of the master of divinity, master of missiology or master of church ministries degrees and moves toward a concentration which combines theory and significant experience. The professional character of the degree is designed to prepare students to be effective in the practice of ministry rather than preparing for research and teaching vocations. 


The program of study integrates the classical disciplines of biblical, historical, theological, social, and linguistic studies with those significant tasks of one involved in the practice of ministry. It assists those whose responsibilities range broadly in pastoral, missionary, Christian education, or administrative ministries by enhancing both competency and excellency in the practice of ministry. Six Doctor of Ministry concentrations are offered:

  • DMin, Pastoral Ministry
  • DMin, Expository Preaching
  • DMin, Church Revitalization
  • DMin, Biblical Counseling
  • DMin, Missions
  • DMin, Christian Education


The Doctor of Ministry program is expected to accomplish the following objectives:
     (1)   To enable participants to develop a theology of ministry which is responsive to both the leadership of God and

             the needs of the church or ministry in which they serve.
     (2)   To satisfy the demand for continuing education in ministry.
     (3)   To renew the personal life of faith and servanthood of the participant.
     (4)   To stimulate continued growth in biblical and theological foundations.
     (5)   To develop skills that facilitate intellectual inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking.
     (6)   To enable the participant to communicate the truth of God's Word effectively and develop greater

             competency in the total practice of ministry.

     (7)   To enable those serving in mission ministries to gain competence in the practice of mission ministries.

     (8)   To enable the participant to acquire a sensitivity for the needs of society, thus preparing the participant

             for excellence in ministry leadership in a complex and changing world.


Modified Cohort System of Study
A cohort system of study operates on the principle that groups of people who share a common goal or experience are better able to learn and to finish a course of study within a defined period. Building on that principle, the system of study employed by the DMin Program at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary consists of a “modified cohort system” designed to take three years to finish, with a five-year maximum. 

The modified cohort system will operate as follows: Upon satisfactory completion of all the prerequisities required for admission, the student will receive notification and will begin seminar work in September of the same year. From that point on, the student will follow the prescribed curriculum according to one of the six specializations: Pastoral Ministry, Expository Preaching, church revitalization,biblical counseling, missions, or Christian Education.

Cohort System Advantages
There are various advantages to using the Modified Cohort System: 
     (1)  Insures interaction with teachers from various fields of study. 
     (2)  Allows for interaction between students in various fields of study (Core courses involve students from other specializations.)

     (3)  Serves to provide built-in incentives for members to finish together.
     (4)  Promotes camaraderie and fellowship within the specialty cohort groups while still allowing for interaction

           with students in other areas.
     (5)  Increased numbers in the seminars provides for a wider variety of input from the students, enhancing the

           learning environment.


Admission Requirements
Applicants must have a Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university. Any exception must be approved by the doctoral programs committee.


Applicants normally will have completed the Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. Other master's work may be acceptable with approval from the doctoral programs committee. Leveling courses may be required. Applicants must have maintained an average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 in his master's degree work.

An applicant must complete all procedures and requirements for approval by the Seminary's doctoral programs committee (see the Catalog for a full description of these procedures and requirements). Sixty days should be allowed for processing applications. Applicants will receive notice of approval from the associate dean of doctoral programs.


Completion Requirements
The degree requires 30 semester hours of doctoral level work above the Master of Divinity or its equivalent. The student must complete three 4-credit hour required core seminars, three 4-credit hour concentration seminars, plus the Dissertation (six credit hours). Students will be expected to have also completed 2 years of ministry experience by the time of graduation. The program is designed to be completed in three years with a five year maximum. Continuous enrollment is required.

For a complete description of all requirements, please see the Catalog.


Summary of Requirements

Core Seminars                                   12 Hours
Specialization Seminars                       12 Hours
Dissertation                                         6 Hours
                                                Total     30 Hours

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