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Associate of Divinity

The Associate of Divinity program is a postsecondary professional degree intended for persons who hold a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, but who have not completed a baccalaureate degree.  The Associate of Divinity program is designed to equip students for effective ministry as a pastor, associate pastor, church planter, missionary, or evangelist.  This program requires sixty semester hours of academic credit for graduation.



The Associate of Divinity program is designed to promote growth in students toward personal maturity and professional ministry competence.  The objectives of the program are accomplished through classroom instruction, the modeling of professors, the practice of ministry through the Witness One:Seven program chapel services, and student organizations.


The Associate of Divinity program seeks to guide students to understand and interpret the Christian faith in the light of its biblical, theological, and historical dimensions and to utilize insights gained from these disciplines for the effective practice of ministry in the church, community, and world.


Admission Requirements

All applicants to the Associate of Divinity program must have graduated from high school or received a GED (Graduate Equivalence Diploma). Students who have graduated from college with a baccalaureate degree will not be admitted to the Associate of Divinity program.


Exceptions to these published requirements must be approved by the faculty upon recommendation of the Admissions Committee.  In such cases, students will be granted conditional admission.  During this period, the student is subject to the same limitations as students under academic probation, described under “Disciplinary Regulations” in the Catalog.  Conditional admission will be removed after a student completes 16 semester hours at the Seminary and keeps a grade point average of at least “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale).


Completion Requirements

In order to qualify for graduation from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, each student in the Associate of Divinity program must satisfy the “General Requirements for Graduation” as set forth in the Catalog. In addition, each student in the Associate of Divinity program must complete the sixty semester hours of courses specified in the course listing, including fifty-seven semester hours of required core courses and three semester hours of electives.


Each student in the Associate of Divinity program is required to complete a minimum of twenty-one semester hours of general education courses, with at least one course in each of three areas: the humanities or fine arts, the social or behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences or mathematics.  The general education courses may be transferred from another postsecondary institution, or they may be completed within the required course structure of the Associate of Divinity program.



Associate of Divinity (ADiv) Course Requirements

First Year    
Degree Requirements by Title Course Number Semester Hours
Old Testament Survey 1,2 OT 2102-2102 6
Contemporary Worldview PM 4302 3
Introduction to Biology SC 4981 3
Introduction to Christian Education CE 4484 3
Evangelism EV 3200 3
Spiritual Formation PM 4300 3
Basic Biblical Interpretation BH 2100 3
Basic Biblical Doctrine TH 3701 3
Introduction to Literature EN 4914 3
Second Year    
New Testament Survey 1,2 NT 2601-2602 6
Introduction to Missions MS 3370 3
Theology Elective   3
Introduction to Biblical Counseling CN 4103 3
Biblical Preaching 1, 2 HM 4001-4005 3
History of Christianity CH 3001 3
Leadership Development PM 4270 3


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