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Witness One:Seven

The primary goal at Mid-America is to train men and women to be prepared for the ministry.  Of all the puposes of the church, evangelism is the most difficult for young ministers to become proficient. Consequently, evangelism at home and cross-culturally is the Seminary's theme and mission.


The Witness One:Seven Program is an integral part of practical missions training for every student enrolled at Mid-America. This program is referred to as "practical" missions for a purpose. By your third year at Mid-America, you will feel prepared to be an effective witness both in word and deed as you will be required to try a variety of ministries as well as verbalize your faith in many settings.  How does the program work?


Witness One:Seven AssignmentsPractical Missions

Each full-time student (4-5 courses in a regular semester) must complete two mission hours per week during the semester. Each part-time student (1-3 courses in a regular semester) must complete one mission hour per week during the semester. A mission assignment consists of approximately one hour of ministry time in a setting that has an evangelistic emphasis.  The purpose of the ministry does not only have to revolve around evangelism, but the ministry must always have an evangelistic end goal. The total number of Witness One:Seven assignments which a student may complete during any given week is computed on this basis.


Personal Witnessing

Ultimately, in the ministry you need to be able to share your faith with a variety of people often in complex settings.  Consequently, at Mid-America, we're going to help you get the practice you need in order to share the faith in your God-called place of service.  All enrolled students must witness to an average of at least one person per week during the semester. To constitute a personal witness, the interview is to include a presentation of the plan of salvation to a person believed to be unsaved and an invitation for that person to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Once a week, we will come together to learn from one another. All students attend Report Hour each Tuesday and regular Chapel on Thursday. Report Hour gives students the opportunity to share their experiences and uplift one another.  For organizational purposes, students report their Witness One:Seven activities online weekly. 


For more information on Witness One:Seven, please consult the 2019-21 Witness One Seven Handbook pdf


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