Connected Campus

Administrative Staff

 Gene Applebury

 Maintenance Supervisor








 Betty Bailey











 Julia Bickley

 Director of Campus Life and Institutional Assessment

 Dean of Women; Instructor of Christian Education







 Terry Brown

 Director of Library Services








 Deanna Coscia

 Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Operations








 Christy Cole

 Accounts Receivable Coordinator








 Teri DeGeorge

 Registrar Assistant








 Sherelle Ducksworth

 Special Events Coordinator








 BJ Eason

 Admissions Counselor








 Doris Foster

 Administrative Assistant to Faculty and PhD Program








 David Foust

 Bookstore Assistant









Bruce Gerling

Information Services Assistant



 Duffy Guyton

 Chief Development Officer









 Mary Hannold
 Technical Assistant to the Director of Library Services





 Tanner Hickman

 Director of Admissions; Alumni and Church Relations

 Dean of Men; Assistant Professor of Christian Education







Kenneth Lewis

 Director of Information Services

 Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Church History, and New Testament







 Nicole Lewis

 Executive Assistant to the Chief Development Officer








 Rose Mink









 Karen Nelson

 Director of Human Resources

 Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President







Glenda Norville

 Executive Assistant to the Academic Vice President







 James Prince

 Director of Operations

 Campus Security Officer







Cathy Rech

 Administrative Assistant to Faculty, Witness One:Seven, and Master and Undergraduate








 Randy Redd

 Vice President for Finance and Operations








 Martha Sanders

 Accounts Payable Coordinator








 Timothy Seal

 Academic Vice President

 Professor of Practical Theology







 Dana Sneed

 Administrative Assistant, Admissions








 Michael Spradlin


 Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew, Church History, Evangelism, and Pratical Theology







 Bradley Thompson

 Executive Vice President

 Professor of Christian Education







 Kelsey Verdell

 Administrative Assistant to the Director of Campus Life, Institutional Assessment,

 and Dean of Women








 Carol Wilson

 Administrative Assistant to Faculty and DMin Program








 Maria Wooten

 Director of International Student Records

 Executive Assistant to the President




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