Master of Christian Education

The Master of Christian Education program is a professional graduate degree beyond the Bachelor of Arts or equivalent, designed to equip students for service as:
     (1) a minister of education, minister of youth, minister to children, or administrator in the local church
     (2) a missionary in the area of Christian education
     (3) a teacher or administrator in a church-related school.
This is a three-year program primarily related to specialized ministry in Christian education, requiring 91 semester hours of academic credit for graduation.
In addition to the Seminary's general educational objectives, the Master of Christian Education program is designed to promote growth toward personal maturity and ministry competence in the practice of church-related Christian education. The objectives of this program are accomplished through classroom instruction, the modeling of professors, the practice of ministry through the Practical Missions program, chapel services, and student organizations.
The Master of Christian Education program seeks to guide students to develop the ability to understand and interpret the Christian faith in the light of its biblical, theological, and historical dimensions and to utilize insights gained from these disciplines for the effective practice of Christian education in the church, the community, and the world.
Admission Requirements
All applicants to any master degree program must be at least 20 years old by the time of their first registration, and must have graduated from an accredited college or university with a bachelor degree or equivalent (see the Catalog for full details and exceptions).
Completion Requirements
In order to qualify for graduation from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, each student in the Master of Christian Education program must satisfy the "General Requirements for Graduation" as set forth in the Catalog. In addition, each student in the Master of Christian Education program must complete the 91 semester hours of courses specified in the course listing, including 73 semester hours of required courses and 18 hours of electives.
Master of Christian Education (MCE) Course Requirements
MCE Women's Studies Course Requirements


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